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Template:CharacterInfoboxIn this Korean name, the family name is Kang.

Kang Jae-Mo (Korean: 강재모, Japanese: カン・ジャエモ, Kan Jaemo) is a character who appears in the Rage of the Dragons.


Kang is man who trained himself to be wrestler to make use of his giant stature. He soon gained fame in the fighting and wrestling circuits due to his surprising agility. During one of his tours to California, he assisted a fight and met Mr. Jones. They became fast friends despite the language barrier between them.

Eventually, Kang wanted to pursue his real dream: an action film-maker. Remembering his friend, he establishes a company in America. He met up with Mr. Jones while he was shooting his last film, "Big Trouble in Groovy China", and Kang convinces him to sign up for his film. They both agree to take down the "Black Dragon" so they can get inspiration for their first film together.


Kang is a zealous dreamer and a goofy party man. He always aims for the top and hopes to get what he deserves.


  • Above-Average Strength- Kang is a very strong man.
  • Fire Breathing - He can shoot fire from his mouth.

Fighting Style

Kang fights using his own style of wrestling. Despite appearances, he is also a fast combo character who can deliver multiple attacks by spinning into his opponents.


  • Funky Togetherness - Rage of the Dragons

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