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Kamui (カムイ), also known as Kamui the Black Wind Shadow Tiger (黒風影虎神威, Kokufūkagedora Kamui) is a character from Ninja Master's. He is the rival of Sasuke. He is voiced by Masahiko Yano.


Kamui is a skilled ninja master who has been a close friend with Sasuke since childhood. He treated the young ninja as his younger brother. However, once he learns that Sasuke left the clan, Kamui volunteers to hunt him down as his last act of friendship.


Kamui is a stoic and brutal member of his clan. Unlike his rival, he acts to uphold his clan's beliefs.


Aside from these powers, he also has all the skills perceived to be had by ninja (stealth, swimming, climbing, ect.)

  • Use of Kunai - Kamui can throw three kunai projectiles.
  • Pyrokinesis: Through the use of ninjutsu, Kamui can command fire. He can emit a pillar of fire and throw fire bombs at his foes.
  • Bunshin - Kamui can create a transparent replica of himself, allowing him to hit his opponent twice for one strike.
  • Quick Draw - He can draw his sword from his sheath with uncanny speed.

Fighting Style

He fights in similar manner as Sasuke. Unlike Kamui, his fighting style focuses on strong one-hit attacks.


  • Nightmare where a Lunatic appeared / Kyoujin Ga Mita Akumu - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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