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Template:CharacterInfoboxJin Fu-Ha (不破 刃, Fuuha Jin) is a character introduced in Art of Fighting 3. Similar to Khushnood Butt's reputation amongst fans, Jin is a highly requested character for The King of Fighters lineup (or the next Art of Fighting installment) from Japanese fans. He is voiced by JAI.


He was once a disciple of Eiji Kisaragi until Eiji betrayed him and left the scar on his chest. Now he only seeks revenge. To test himself, Jin wants to see if he can defeat Eiji's sworn enemy, Ryo Sakazaki, eventually tracking him down in Glasshill. In his ending, he beats Ryo but is frustrated that his opponent didn't give his all in the fight. Ryo tries to rationalize with him, asking what he will gain if he kills Eiji. Jin, uninterested in morals, leaves. Afterwards, a screen of text explains that Jin will face Eiji eventually and will hide his presence until then.


A man who holds grudges, Jin is on the path of vengeance and only fights to one day kill Eiji. He is the type of person who acts first and thinks later.


Aside from these powers, Jin also has all the skills a ninja is believe to have (stealth, climbing, swimming, ect.)

  • Energy Reflector - Fuha can create a barrier that reflects any projectile.
  • Energy Shield - Fuha can emit a barrier of energy around him to damage his opponent.
  • Invisibility - Fuha can become invisible for some time.

Fighting Style

Owner of a very unorthodox ninja style, Jin relies on his physical strength to overcome his opponent. He uses very "different" moves, like spinning with his arms wide open and doing handsprings.

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