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Template:CharacterInfoboxIn this Chinese name, the family name is Jin.

Jin Chonrei (Hánzi: 秦 崇雷, Japanese: Jin Chonrei, Pinyin: Qín Chónglei) is a character from the Fatal Fury series who also makes an appearance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Chonrei first appeared as the final secret boss in Fatal Fury 3, following Ryuji Yamazaki and his brother Jin Chonshu. Spiritually, the three's originating appearance hearken to the John Carpenter 1986 martial arts cult classic Big Trouble in Little China.

According to an issue of Neo Geo Freak, Chonrei was originally conceived to be a person with split-personalities with a masculine and feminine side. However, since the designers favored both sides equally, they abandoned this version in favor of a twin brother. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Jin was voted as the staff's thirty-ninth favorite character. He shared the spot with four other characters, including Fatal Fury character, Joe Higashi, and Street Fighter character, Zangief. And In the Neo Geo Freak's 1997 Volume 8 character poll, he was voted as the eighteenth favourite character with a total of 532 votes.

He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.


Chonrei is the older twin brother of Chonshu. When they were six, they lost their parents to an epidemic around their home. Before their father died, he spoke of Qin Wang Long (秦王龍), one of their family's ancient ancestors. Wang Long was a celebrated general of the great Qin Shi Huang and was said to have single-handedly slayed a thousand soldiers. Their father convinced them that they had the same blood of this warrior and soon passed away. Left to fend for themselves, the brothers worked together to support themselves and live up to their family name. As they grew older, they also began to detest other people. When they were fourteen, an attack from bullies left them in a half-dead state on the streets. Once they lost consciousness, two spirits of their 2200-year-old ancestors possessed their bodies.

The spirit that possessed Chonshu was known as Qin Hai Long (秦海龍), making the boy into a fearsome monster in combat. The spirit that possessed Chonrei was Qin Kong Long (秦空龍), who was Hai Long's older brother. Kong Long and Hai Long were the sons of Wang Long, who wrote the Jin scrolls during the Qin Dynasty. They now seek to gather all three scrolls, which they believe will resurrect them in immortal bodies and allow them to conquer the world. However, Fatal Fury 3's ending describes this goal as a delusion.

They know the scrolls are in South Town and send Ryuji Yamazaki to search the city, but several other characters are also searching for the scrolls for different reasons. If the player did well throughout the course of the game, Chonrei appears and becomes extremely angry at the defeat of his younger brother, promising that the player character will not leave the place alive. Following the brothers' defeat, their ancestors' spirits depart from their bodies.

Geese Howard ends up collecting all three scrolls but orders Billy Kane to dispose of them in the backstory of the next game, Real Bout Fatal Fury. In endings where either Chonshu or Chonrei defeats Geese, the brothers recover the scrolls, and Chonrei angrily tears them up. The twins continue their lives as normal children under Tung's wing.


He focuses himself on his little brother and wants to protect him at all costs. Overall, he is more brutal minded and direct-to-the-point compared to Chonshu. And like Chonshu, he tends to taunt his opponents. Chonrei doesn't like putting in a lot of effort into something, but he is very confident in his abilities, and has no problem of showing it. He is known to be angry when his brother is hurt, and will go after anyone to seek revenge. Thus, making him the overprotective big brother.


  • Channel Energy - Chonrei can channel chi energy from the earth.
  • Create Energy - Chonrei can create a small non-damaging ball of energy that emanates heat and light.
  • Energy Projectile - Chonrei can fire a ball of energy.
  • Energy Vampirism - Chonrei can absorb energy from his enemy through a small ball.
  • Translocation - Chonrei can translocate himself.
  • Dragon Beam - Chonrei can fire a beam of energy while a blue dragon appears behind him.
  • Reflector - Chonrei can reflect projectiles with his body.

Fighting Style

Chonrei's fighting style named Teiou Ken (Sovereign Fist; read in pinyin as Diwang Quan) consists of moves probably inspired by Kung Fu.


  • Pandora no Hako Yori Dainiban Meimu (The Second from Pandora's Box "Mist") - Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout Fatal Fury
  • Pandora no Hako Yori Daisanban Ketsudan (The Third from Pandora's Box "Determination") - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Dominated Mind), Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (shared with his brother)

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