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Jigen Taishi (慈限 大師) is an unseen character in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage.


He is a celebrated priest who had heavy ties with the shogunate. He was praised as a Buddha-like entity by the common people and members of nobility alike. At one point, he grew displeased with the government's methods and secretly wanted to overthrow it. With Oboro's help, he planned an elaborate rebellion that needed twenty years to take fruition.

As their plan reached its final stages, the government eventually caught on so Jigen continues his efforts in Ritenkyo. There, with Oboro's influence, he used his "heavenly" status to gather more followers to their cause. Jigen remained in hiding so the government couldn't touch him. His presence in Ritenkyo made it difficult for the shogun to take direct action since it would cause civil dispute with one's faith. It was eventually decided that the government would send a handful of their most loyal retainers in the secret service to deal with the threat.

After Oboro's defeat, Jigen is eventually assassinated by Hanzo.

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