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Itokatsu (イトカツ) is a secondary character in the Fatal Fury series. He usually appears during Hotaru's winposes or intro sequences. Apparently he's named after one of the designers for Hotaru.


Itokatsu is a male blonde marten (sable in English translations) and the constant companion of Hotaru. He was formerly her older brother's loyal pet. He originally wasn't accustomed to Hotaru's presence until her mother died due to unnatural causes. Seeing her saddened state, Itokatsu became unexpectedly affectionate to her and was her sole friend during her time of grief. He continues to travel with her to support her independence.

He is responsible for one of the arguments for Gato being Hotaru's brother. Itokatsu, who usually warms up to his previous owner, appears to find the man pleasing. However, this instance, along with many other ideas, are still debatable and up for interpretation until the next Mark of Wolves game is made.

Game Appearances

Cameo Apperances