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Half-Shaded Shiki (半陰となりし色, Han-In to nari shi Shiki) also known as Rasetsu/Bust Shiki is an alternate version of Shiki who fully succumbs to her duties as the "Woman of Yin Half". She was introduced only in Samurai Shodown 64-2 as one of the three sub bosses defending the entrance to Yuga’s lair. She is symbolized by skeletal snake. She is voiced by Kaori Minami.


When Yuga resurrects itself a second time, it sends its new servant, Shadow Asura, to capture Shiki, restore her memories and regain her servitude. This time she was given even more powerful serpent mark, so she could not break the spell. The Asura Zanmaden Drama CD implies that Yuga was able to fully exert its control over her after healing the wounds she suffered fighting Genjuro. She unexpectedly fell in love with Shadow Asura.

With her new powers, she along with Shadow Asura finally captured Haohmaru and made him a cold blooded murderer also known as “Sword Demon Haohmaru”. <ref>SNK Playmore. "Samurai Spirits Genealogy". Samurai Shodown V. </ref> Together with her beloved Shadow Asura and the enslaved Haohmaru, they defended the entrance of Yuga’s lair. After the two Asuras killed Yuga, Shadow Asura disappeared and she along with Haohmaru finally lost Yuga’s influence and returned to their normal states.


She is more sarcastic and sensual than her original ego, yet she has no hope of salvation as she will always be her master's loyal puppet.


  • Super-speed - Half-Shaded Shiki can move herself at amazing speeds.
  • Dark Poisoning - Half-Shaded Shiki cast a spell that can leave her opponents confused or poisoned.
  • Life Drain - Half-Shaded Shiki can drain her opponent's life to heal herself.
  • Teleportation - Half-Shaded Shiki can disappear in a aura of light and reappear in another location.
  • Flight - Half-Shaded Shiki can fly above her opponents.
  • Astral Blade - Half-Shaded Shiki can form energy blades in place of her usual weapons.
  • Puppetry - Half-Shaded Shiki can manipulate her opponents to mimic her movements.
  • Energy Blasts - Half-Shaded Shiki can discharge various types of energy beams and projectiles.

Fighting Style

Her fighting style based on original Shiki’s Rasetsu/Bust mode from previous game. But in this form, she fights unarmed and could release energy blades directly from her hands. She also has some of the Yuga’s abilities like various energy projectiles, puppetry and even ability to fly.

Her moveset has many Sanskrit and Hinduism terms.


  • Eternal Darkness - Samurai Shodown 64-2

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