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Geese Howard

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
  What you will read down is my strategy, which
means.. it might not be workable with you as it is
with me and may be yes. I really do not need any
E-Mail(s) asking: "What is good or bad" since I will
fully talk about everything about him (including
combination attacks). Hope it will somehow be useful
to you and lead your play or skills to a higher level.

  You will say: "What are you talking about? He is not
playabe!" Well, that is right, but I mean how does the
computer fully play and some other aspects as well.

Character Profile:
Character Profile:
Name: Geese Howard (The Kingpin Of Southtown)
Wife: Maire R.
Son: Rock Howard
Half Brother: Wolfgang Krauser
Brother-In-Low: Kain R. 
Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy, Hopper and Ripper
Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", "The Conqueror of
the Underworld", "Don of the Dark Organization", "The
Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
He Is: The Main Villain in SNK 
Weapon: Bare Hands
Birth Date: 1953.1.21 
Birthplace: America
Age: Above 46 
Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kg 
Blood Type: B
Country: U.S.A
Style: Kobojutsu and Hakkyokuseiken  
Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
Likes Most: To be on top of everybody.
Favorite Sport: None
Stage: Geese Tower 
Character Voice: Kong Kuwata


In Games:
1)The Super Spy
2)Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters
3)Fatal Fury Special
4)Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
5)Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
7)Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The New Comers
8)Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
9)Fatal Fury: First Contact
10)Fatal Fury: D.M.
11)Art of Fighting 2
12)Quiz The King of Fighters
13)SNK Vs. Capcom The Match of the Millennium
14)Capcom Vs. SNK 
15)Capcom Vs. SNK: Pro
16)Capcom Vs. SNK 2
17)The King of Fighters'96
18)The King of Fighters Ex: Neo Blood
19)The King of Fighters'Kyo
20)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash
21)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash: Expand Addtion

In Backgrounds:
1)Pao Pao Cafe - The King of Fighters'94
2)The King of Fighters'2002

In Endings:
1)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'94
2)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'95
3)Special Team - The King of Fighters'97
4)Art of Fighting (on Nintendo)
5)Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Yamazaki's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
7)Terry Bogard's - Real Bout Fatal Fury 
8)Andy Bogard's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
9)Ex Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
10)Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
11)Billy Kane's - Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition

In Openings:
1)Fatal Fury Special
2)Fatal Fury 3
3)Real Bout Fatal Fury
4)Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
5)Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves
6)The King of Fighters'96
7)Art of Fighting 2

In Animes:
1)Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
2)Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle
3)Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture


Why Geese?
  Well, you cannot play as Geese, but you can let him
kick your @$$. There is no why, Geese rules and he
always owns everybody. I like his evil look and his
stage... not to metion his BGM and moves.


  Geese always fights in his tower... Geese Tower. A
lovely stage where you can see Southtown in the
background. And his demon status around the stage....


Background Music:
  It is Geese Ni Katakori... the best BGM (background
music) in the game. It makes me so hot and play so
fast. Yup, the original BGM for the bad@$$ villain,
Geese Howard.


Character Background
  He is a former champion of the National Arts of
America. Before he became a champion, people in the
underground were afraid of him and he was nicknamed
"Lone Wolf Killer Geese". Underhandedly, he achieved
fame and authority in Southtown. Geese killed Jeff
Bogard who was the only person who could threaten his
plans. Then he trained under every martial arts master
around. He became a brutal killer and it is rumored
that he is as strong as a demon...


  August 13th, 1992, Geese Howard dies in the hospital
3 hours after falling from a high rise. 


Standing A = Hard Punch 
Crouching A = Light Punch

Standing B = Hard Kick
Crouching B = Light Kick 

C = Used for throwing the enemy


Command List:
Special Moves:
1)Reppu Ken: Quarter circle forward + A
2)Knockdown Blow: Half circle forward, up/forward + B 

Katate Nage: Near opponent... press the C button


  It seems that Geese is the most powerful character
here for many reasons... and good reasons. Movements
speed, good ability, agility and invincible moves. On
with it...

  Geese's Hard Punch come out so fast and you will not
even know the timeing, because it is fatser than most
of other heroes' Special Attacks. Just try to jump and
attack and he will always kick your @$$ with his Hard

  His Hard Kick does have the same case actually and
that is what most of the people did not realize when
they fought Geese back then. The weakness begins only
when he is about to kick, but after then everything
becomes invincible. So, you have to get that weakness
to your side and work hard not to miss such a rare

  His Light Punch is also good and fast, but he does
not depend on it often, he always goes for something
painful and very harmful. The same case goes for his
Light Kick. Geese actually jumps with B a lot, because
it has good range. For safety, sometimes he jumps back
and B to be very sure that you will not trade hit with
him. As for the A, he does not use it that much... he
should not, because B is a lot helpful and useful than
the A.

  His Reppu Ken is so damn fast, once it comes out,
say good bye to Mommy. He would endlessly repeat it
until you shamelessly die. The only move that is
faster than it is Andy's Spinning Uppercut... then
other don't have a chance. So, in order to get him you
have to perform your move two seconds before him.
Otherwise you are history.

  Hands down... Knockdown Blow is the best move in the
game with no exception at all. Nothing can be done to
deny this fact. If Geese was playable, then I would
stick with Knockdown Blow all day and make you a good
person to laugh at. It is a counter and a throw move.
Example, if you just at him and attack he will counter
your attack, and if you tried to be a smart @$$ and
did not attack, he will throw by all means. So, I will
sure not wait for you to attack... I will attack and
attack and attack and when you come near me and when I
come near you, I will be SO CHEAP and perform
Knockdown Blow until you die. 

  If I by mistake done it from far away (which will
never happen, because I am not stupid), you can wait
and then attack. But remember that the lag to this
move is very damn short, so be fast and die. Knockdown
Blow is good and so good, that is why they did not
make it as it is in the other games he was in... and
that is a fact.

  Katate Nage is good so that you could be open. I
mean you will give Geese time to do anything next and
that is what you do not want him to have! Space and
time and good for the CPU Geese. 

  So, Geese always goes backward when the match
begins, if you go forward that is! There seems to be
some errors in his movements when you just walk
forward, you make him so confused and he will most of
the time be open to be thrown or beaten up for good.
If you jump at him he will either jump with you and B,
Knockdown Blow or Hard Punch. He will react VERY fast.
You have to make him stand still and forget about
attacking him for the air. You have many other good

  Sometimes he throws when you play cheap and easily
comes to you and then Knockdown Blow to throw you...
not counter you. If you attack from a distance he will
most of the time use his Hard Kick and repeat or will
perform Reppu Ken. If he performs his Reppu Ken, he
will throw another one if you do nothing and if you
jump, he will do what I said above. So, you have some
holes in his gameplay, if you can get him there... you
will own him. If you don't then he will eat you alive.
He does not even use any of his easy combos if you
want to talk about his goodness! Try to read him like
an open book and he will be as easy as Zero in the
King of Fighters'2000!

  It is pretty easy and simple. Geese is not "that"
complicated. People only make it as if it is a big
deal, but actually it is not... like the CPU in Art of
Fighting 2. Just because you do not understand the
opponents' movements and strategies, it does not mean
the game sucks and the boss is a God for that matter. 

  It's not about the game difficulty or the moves
invincibilty, it's about the people that think of
their money before the fun and the good time they
should spend on any game! 


  I will only write the names of the moves (not the
commands), I have always been so... so if anybody is
not good with it, you can see the command list above
and then check here again. I will list every good,
bad, short, long, easy and hard combos. I really will
not bother to look for sites to put any of their
combos in here. I like to see my work completely
original, but you might know all the combos... I will
put it just for Geese's fans' sake. 

1)Hard punch, Reppu Ken
2)Jump hard kick, light kick, Knockdown Blow
3)Jump hard punch, hard punch, Reppu Ken


How To Beat Geese Howard:
  This section is for those who want to know how to
beat Geese with perfect with every character. I can
tell you everything about it. You may know how to beat
him, but most of you do not know the exact strategy
how to beat Geese perfectly good and getting perfect
with the two rounds. Easy and simple if you read
carefully what I have to say: 

Terry Bogard:
Command List:
1)Burning Knuckle: Quarter circle backward + A
2)Rising Uppercut: Down, up + A
3)Super Shot: Down/backward, up/forward + B
4)Power Wave: Quarter circle forward + A

Beating Geese:
  Do not make it as if it is a big deal and Geese is

  When the match begins, Geese will perform Reppu Ken,
jump back to avoid it, then FAST do Burning Knuckle,
he will not defend it. Then do it over and over again
until he dies. 

  Geese does not defend Burning Knuckle, Power Wave
and Super Shot (sometimes). He defends Super Shot a

Perfect Possibility:
  C'mon, this is nothing to Art of Fighting 2...  

  The possibility to get perfect is 100%.

Andy Bogard:
Command List:
1)Spinning Uppercut: Backward, forward + A
2)Flying Guillotine: Down, up + A
3)Power Punch: Down/backward, up/forward + B
4)Fire of Zen: Quarter circle forward + A

Beating Geese:
  You only need to focus and make him perform Reppu
Ken, anyway... he will perform it when the fight
begins, jump back to avoid it then FAST do Spinning
Uppercut, then do it over and over again until he

  You can also go backward with the match begins then
fast do Spinning Uppercut. It will come faster than
Geese's Reppu Ken. And even if Geese defends it, keep
doing it until he dies, he will not be able to do

  Geese does not defend Spinning Uppercut (most of the
time), Fire of Zen and Flying Guillotine. And blocks
Power Punch (most of time).

Perfect Possibility:
  A very childish strategy... if you cannot do it,
then you are a baby!  

  The possibility to get perfect is 100%.

Joe Higashi:
Command List:
1)Thrash Kick: Quarter circle backward + B
2)Machine Gun Punch: Push A repeatedly
3)Tiger Kick: Down/backward, up/forward + B
4)Hurricane Uppercut: Quarter circle forward + A

Beating Geese:
  You need to perform Thrash Kick in order to beat
Geese, but Joe's Thrash Kick is kind of slow. So when
the match begins, Geese will go backward and you have
to walk forward and then get very near him to grab
him. Do not worry, he will not hit you unless he is
completely cornered. So, when you grab him, perform
Thrash Kick and if he defends it, then fast crouching
B then keep doing it until he dies. And if he did not
defend Thrash Kick, then keep doing it until he dies. 

  Geese does not defend Thrash Kick (most of the
time), Tiger Kick and Machine Gun (sometimes). And he
defends Hurricane Upper (most of the time).  

Perfect Possibility:
  This is a little bit not easy... just a bit.  

  The possibility to get perfect is 96%.


The Full Percentage:
 So, you know what full percentage. But the percentage
changes... it depends if you want to play cheap, use a
strategy or do anything to get perfect (Perfect Fight
Percentage)... or play and just kill Geese without
carrying about the perfect (Normal Fight Percentage).
It will be like this...

Beating Geese Percentage:
Name      P.F.P.   N.F.P.
Terry     100%      87%
Andy      100%      94%
Joe        96%      74%


Questions & Answers:
  This section is for those who E-Mailed me about a
thing or two about Geese or some aspects, instead of
e-mailing them back, I will answer here so that nobody
would ask the same questions again. But these
questions were asked from a long time ago. My friends
I mean... but I will just put them here:

Q: Is it true Geese originally came from a SNK game
called "The Super Spy"?

A: To be honest, I played The Super Spy way before
Fatal Fury. But I am not sure who was released first,
The Super Spy or Fatal Fury. But yes, Geese was in
that game... and of course as a bad guy. I was pretty
much a fan of fighting games, and I saw and played the
Super Spy before Fatal Fury... I "think" The Super Spy
came out first!


Q: Why are most of the characters not playable?

A: SNK guys were may be thinking of idiotic ideas
first, then they realized their errors. Like what
happened in Art of Fighting.


Q: When you fought Geese in The Super Spy, did he have
the same BGM?

A: No, he didn't. Geese Ni Katakori was heard first in
Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters. And we are mainly
talking about Geese in Fatal Fury, not The Super Spy!


Q: This game is so damn old, why did you write a
F.A.Q. about it?

A: Old is gold. And good games never get old. I am
actually writing a F.A.Q. about Geese, in case you did
not notice. I just love him and I will always write
anything about him whenever they put him in any game.
Geese is an original character and a very classic
character who makes me remember all the good things
and very good times I spent playing him. 

  I love him so much, I do not think there is someone
out there that loves and endures Geese as I do. Even
if they make him suck big time and make his moves so
damn bad and useless, I will always use him and make
him good no matter what. I believe in him and in his
ambitions. Yes, he is only a video game character, but
oh well... things that come with good memories are
always the best things that everyone would like to


Last Word:
  Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
The Rules.

Special Thanks:
1)To SNK for this great game.
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Geese's fans. 
4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 

Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters is Copyright SNK
Crop. This document Copyright 2003 Basel

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
anything, E-Mail me at or

Credits for GameFAQs and SNK Crop.