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Template:CharacterInfoboxGaryo the Whirlwind (つむじ風の臥龍, Tsumujikaze no Garyō) (Whirlwind is a title he earned) is a character who appears only in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. He is voiced by Enma Itō.


He is the leader to his own band of brigands that travel across Japan. Although feared throughout the countryside, he is kind-hearted and deeply honors his comrades. Because of a scheme made by the Three Blades of Dominion, he was imprisoned by the shogunate. He breaks out but all of his followers were killed by Tohma -except one, Chobisuke. Enraged, Garyo and his sole comrade go to "Ritenkyo" for two reasons: to get revenge for his band and to steal away "his bride", Mikoto, from Tohma's clutches. In reality, he thought Mikoto was held captive by Tohma and thought that she needed to be saved.

In his ending, he defeats Tohma but hides from Mikoto. After seeing her genuine love for Tohma, he resigns his original intentions and leaves. To compensate for his decision, he steals Tohma's horse and a donkey for Chobisuke.


A rugged and tough man who is confident in his leadership. Although he seems to be a villain to the common folk, he will protect people when he thinks it's necessary. Garyo treasures his gang and treats them as his family.


  • Super Armor: Garyo can charge a big amount of ki energy inside his body to gain extremely high defence.
  • Charged Attack: Garyo can charge a big amount of ki energy inside his weapon, then release it at once, resulting in fast and destructive attack.

Fighting Style

Garyo uses a dagger fashioned from steel, which he rarely unsheathes, preferring to use combo attacks that make the most of his speed. When he does draw his sword, he takes hold of the sheath with his mouth. He also blows a bamboo sheath to fire blow darts. Although he appears to be one armed, he actually keeps his left arm within his yukata as a sign of status.


  • Patterns in the Sand (風紋, Fūmon) - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

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