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Template:CharacterInfoboxGarros (ガロス, Garosu) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


He is the leader to his band of an honorable viking group who sail the seas looking for adventure and treasure. Many years prior to the game, his wife, Agnes, left on a trip to another country and never returned home. Hearing that a woman resembling her was found somewhere in Japan, he departs with his comrades to look for her. In his ending, he doesn't find her yet hasn't lost hope that she is still out there.


A rambunctious and assertive giant who seeks adventure. His fearsome appearance belies a man who just wants his family to reunited again.

Fighting Style

Garros relies on his brute strength to win his fights. Despite appearances, he has a variety of quick axe swings that can hit people from most ranges. At the same time, however, his axe attacks are usually aimed high, leaving the other parts of him open for attack. Players will need to use his kicks and body vaults to launch their opponents in the air for juggled hits.

Game Appearances