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Template:CharacterInfoboxGang-il (Hangul: 강일, Katakana: ガンイル, Gan'iru) is a new character introduced in The King of Fighters XIV.

He is voiced by Toshiya Fujisawa.


Gang-il is the chairman of the World Taekwondo Federation and Kim's master. His astonishing kicking techniques can break through any opponent's guard. He is always accompanied by a different woman every time he returns from his travels.


Gang-il's fortitude and beaming pride for Taekwondo are perhaps the only traits he shares with Kim. When he's not fighting, Gang-il is an outgoing socialite and brazen womanizer. Believing that Kim's rigidness to his beliefs holds him back, Gang-il may try to criticize his student; he is so far the only person who can do so without suffering Kim's strict retaliation.


  • Above average strength - Gang-il's kicks are very powerful, capable of blowing even the heaviest opponents away with little difficulty.


Fighting Style

Gang-il fights using the Korean martial art, Taekwondo. His skills mirror Kim and his sons, Kim Jae Hoon, and Kim Dong Hwan. Unlike Kim, Gang-il's attacks are slower and stronger.


  • Belief - The King of Fighters XIV

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