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Template:CharacterInfoboxFreeman (フリーマン) is a character from the Fatal Fury series. He made his debut in Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

He is voiced by Eiji Yano.


Freeman is a British serial killer who kills for his pleasure. Nothing is known about his past. He travels to Second Southtown when he learns of the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament, hoping to kill strong opponents. One of his victims was Kevin Rian's partner, a former member of the SWAT forces. After the tournament, Freeman was being hunted down by Second Southtown's Police Department. Freeman was shot by a sniper and fell into a river. The police then looked for his body, but it was nowhere to be found, implying he somehow survived this incident.


Freeman is a madman who has a very sadistic and sinister personality. He kills simply for pleasure, nothing else is known about his life, not even a full name.


  • Slashing Hands - Freeman's hands can cut and pierce like knives.
  • Cutting Aura - Freeman can create a cutting aura around his hands and fingers.
  • Shadow Trickery - Freeman can trick a foe by using his shadow, distracting them while he viciously attacks from another angle.


Resilience - is able to intake a lot of punishment and enjoys it too.

Fighting Style

Freeman uses his cutting abilities as his fighting style. He has several contortion skills.

His preference of heavy metal music is well represented, as several of his movenames reference it: Nightmare, Phobia, Gorefest (these two names are also given to two of Vice's moves in The King of Fighters series), Overkill (which may both refer to the thrash metal band and to the album and song by Motörhead), Crow, V.O.D. (Voice Of Destruction), and Morbid Angel are all bands. He also has Creeping Death, which is a song by Metallica, and Full Blast, a term commonly associated with music volume. Phobia is the name of a song by German Thrash Metal band, Kreator. Gorefest is the name of a Death Metal band.


  • All Over With Blood - Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Game Appearances

Freeman's card from Card Fighters Clash 2

Cameo Appearances

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  • According to the fan Q&A for the game, his pale skin is actually dyed. They also jokingly state that Freeman getting food is one of the many mysteries of Second Southtown.
  • Freeman shares some similarities with Yu Yu Hakusho villain Elder Toguro, mostly regarding shrill voice tone, pale skin (though dyed in Freeman's case), long unkempt hair, martial abilities which include slashing hand techniques, and a sadistic lust for killing with complete disregard for others's lives.