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Template:CharacterInfobox Elias Patrick (エリアス・パトリック, Erias Patoriku) is a character who appears in the Rage of the Dragons.


Elias was born into a high-class, highly-educated family who taught him to live a strictly religious life. After a certain family tragedy, he lost his faith in his religion. Sometime afterwards, he was accused for a murder that he did not commit and was sent to prison. His religious faith was restored by the jail's priest, who taught him the arts of exorcism and how to naturally tone his body. Many years later when he was acquitted and released, Elias dedicated himself to saving people who meet misfortune in their lives.

He built a shelter in Sunshine City and saved many people from strife (he used to house the two siblings, Cassandra and Oni). One day, he received a call from a client requesting his help with a girl named Alice, who was possessed by an awakening evil spirit. Concerned by the girl's condition, he faces the problem of removing the spirit without harming Alice. He believes the answer lies with Johann.


A strict but well-meaning soul who fights in the Lord's name. He hopes to work for the good of others.


  • Fire Projectile - Elias can throw a giant ring of fire at his opponents.
  • Fiery Attacks - Elias can fuse his attacks with fire.
  • Absorb Life - By piercing his hands in his enemy's body, Elias can absorb his life force and fuel his own.

Fighting Style

He is a powerhouse that fights with his strength and long reach. His ability to drain his opponents' life increases his playtime, making him a sturdier character that doesn't need to tag out as often.


  • Exorcism - Rage of the Dragons
  • Heavy! - Power Instinct Matrimelee

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