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Dandy J (ダンディーJ) is a character in Waku Waku 7. He's associated with the dark blue Waku Waku ball, making him a sapphire.


Dandy J is an experienced treasure hunter who constantly goes on adventures with his trusted partner. Once his partner goes missing, he takes Natsumi under his wing. He was hired to discover the secret of the Waku Waku balls. In his ending, his contractors turn against him and Dandy J fights back. He didn't have a particular wish that he wants granted.


A hard boiled and innate adventurer, Dandy J is a serious guy who wants to see the bounties the world has to offer. He has a mischievous temper and loves a good fight.


  • Energy Attacks: Dandy J can launch a powerful wave of energy from his whip strikes.
  • Pyrokinesis: Dandy can emit flames from his fists.

Fighting Style

Dandy J is a somewhat slow yet powerful close ranged fighter. He can use his whip attacks to confuse and trap his opponents, as he can easily switch from high or low attacks. His Harahara attack can defeat an enemy in a single blow.


  • Dandy J Intro - Waku Waku 7
  • The Sun Also Sets - Waku Waku 7

Game Appearances


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