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Crossed Swords (クロススウオード) is a Hack 'n Slash game released in 1991 by Alpha Denshi for the Neo Geo and later ported for the Neo Geo CD. It later received a sequel for the Neo Geo CD titled Crossed Swords II.


Crossed Swords plays similarly to the original Punch Out. The player's knight appears as a wireframe figure with the camera set behind him, while enemies appear in front of him. The player can move left and right and block high or low by pressing up or down respectively. By pressing the A button the knight will slash at the enemy, and pressing it continuously will create a small combo. By pressing down and A the knight will stab the enemy, knocking it backwards. He will also stab at the end of a combo. The B button is used to cast spells.

The game is divided in chapters, with the player being able to choose between the first three chapters at the beginning. By defeating enemies the player will obtain gold, which can be used at the beginning of each chapter on a traveling merchant to buy new weapons or food to restore life. Each weapon has it's own unique spell attached to it. During the journey the player will also meet various NPCs who will give gameplay hints, unique items or weapons or simply advance the story.


The Devil Man devastated the land of Katasis, which no longer is the passage to the Devil World. People were beginning to forget the Devil World along with the skill of their magical power.

One hundred years later...

Katasis built the great kingdom of Belcana by uniting several countries in close vicinity of each other. Angster Jr. ascended to the throne as the first King of Belcana. The people were applauding their prosperity, yet, some evil rumor started spreading among them. It was about a huge castle that was raised in only one night on Krugia Mountain in the far north. The King, Angster, felt the rumor must be investigated and dispatched a group to search out the truth. However, no one ever returned from their journey. Before long the evil rumor became a reality. The peaceful kingdom was exposed to the menace of the devil. The Devil being the ancient man named Nausizz who awakened from a thousand year sleep. Unfortunately, the knights of Angster have no skill of attack against Nausizz, so they were losing the battle. Will there ever be a brave enough hero to bring down the evil Nausizz?


  • Edmond and Richard: The heroes of the story, they wear golden and silver armor respectively. They're referred as the "Knights of Journey".
  • King Angster: The king of Belcana, who sends the heroes after the evil Nausizz.
  • Clore: The princess of Belcana and Angster's daughter, she is kidnapped by Nausizz's minions.
  • Old Man: The elder of Dio Village, he offers advice for the heroes.
  • Teanu: A blacksmith and the only survivor of Matius Tower, she will make new weapons for the heroes.
  • Raoster: A traveling merchant who sells weapons and food.
  • Nausizz: The ruler of the Devil World and ancient evil who awakens during great times of peace to spread chaos.

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