Choutetsu Brikin'ger OST

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超鉄ブリキンガー / Ironclad

Catalog Number PCCB-00211
Release Date May 17, 1996
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1500
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Manufacturer PONY CANYON INC.


Composer TAKEZO
Sound Effects S.S.C. Brothers
Recording Engineer Hirofumi Sako
Assistant Engineer Noriki Suwa
Recording Studio Power House Studio
Mastering Engineer Shuji Nose
Design Marumero Kodama
Director Fuyuki Ando (Scitron & Art Inc.), Kazuhiko Endoh (Pony Canyon)
Producer Yoshihiro Ohno (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Executive Producer Kazusuke Obi (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Special Thanks Nobuyuki Tanaka (Saurus), Osamu Nagano (Saurus), Tomoo Yoda (Saurus), Saurus All Staff


# English Title Japanese Title Length
01 Let us raise our wings! (Opening) 翼をあげよう!(オープニング) 0:31
02 Puzzle Select (Stage Select) 迷わず選べ (ステージセレクト) 0:51
03 Theme of Super Iron Brikinger (BGM1) 超鉄ブリキンガーのテーマ (BGM 1) 2:46
04 An evening out (BGM2) 出そうな夜 (BGM 2) 2:33
05 It's an invasion, isn't it (BGM3) 侵入してね (BGM 3) 3:04
06 Kimakuri Life (BGM4) キまくり人生 (BGM 4) 4:18
07 Nitro party (BGM5) ニトロパーティ- (BGM 5) 2:07
08 Here's the base (BGM6) ここが基地です (BGM 6) 2:58
09 It will be as expected! (BGM7) やっぱり海でしょ!(BGM 7) 2:21
10 Nan ka ya bye! (BGM8) なぁんかヤバイ!(BGM 8) 1:52
11 The moon that the boys saw (BGM9) 少年がみた月 (BGM 9) 3:16
12 Ah! A church in such a place as this!? (BGM10) あっ!こんな所に教会が!?(BGM 10) 0:38
13 Before the damage! (BOSS1) やられる前に,殺れぇ!(BOSS 1) 2:20
14 Please! damage (BOSS2) おねがい!やられて (BOSS 2) 3:20
15 Will it end well (BOSS3) これ,最後でいいっスか?(BOSS 3) 4:04
16 We'll meet again! (Staff Roll) またあおぅ!(スタッフロール) 2:26
17 It's over (Game Over) おわってます (ゲームオーバー) 0:10
18 S.E. Collection S.E. コレクション 3:55
Disc Length 43:30


  • Part of Scitron's 1500 Series.
  • It features music from the previously unreleased Neo Geo/MVS version of the game. Originally released as a Neo Geo CD-only game, it was finally released in 2009 in its original cartridge version for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.



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