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Template:CharacterInfoboxChample (チャンプル, Chanpuru), is the lone friend and companion of Mina Majikina in Samurai Shodown V. It has been voiced by Hitomi Nabatame and Rie Kugimiya. Sometimes he is simply called shisa (シーザー, shi~sa~), erroneously localized as "Caeser" in English.


Chample is a shisa who is found alone in the ruins of Mina's destroyed village. Thinking it to be a harmless beast, she takes it along with her. However, in her ending, Chample reverts back to its true form and Mina senses its energy to be akin to the one responsible for the village attack. Mina prepares to kill it and promises to follow it soon afterward.

Unfortunately, Mina unable to do so due to their friendships. To split Chample’s evil-half away from it, Mina set two sealing paper on its face to keep its power under control by absorbing its evil power into her body, at cost of blinding her right eye and corroding her body.


Seemingly cute and innocent, it is a rather harmless being until provoked. It is quite fond of Mina and will cry if she loses.


  • Transformation - Chample can change into its true demon form.

Fighting Style

As Mina's companion it serves more as a mascot, following her around in the background emitting cute noises. In its true demon form, it can charge and cleave its foes with ease.

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


  • In Samurai Shodown (2019), Chample is the only mascot of a character to appear in a Rage Move (in this case, jumping next to Mina).


Samurai Shodown V Samurai Shodown VI (Doll Transformation) Samurai Shodown VI (Demon Transformation)