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Bobby is a basketball player in Aggressors of Dark Kombat. (More to come later)

Aggressors of Dark Kombat / Tsukai Gan Gan Koshinkyoku

Move List

Spinning Attack
File:Hcf.gif + File:Snka.gif
Bobby holds the basketball with both hands and spins several times at his opponent.

Jet Uppercut
File:Forward.gif File:Downback.gif File:Down.gif File:Downforward.gif + File:Snka.gif
(Description of move)

Flying Triple Kick
File:Hcf.gif + File:Snkb.gif
(Description of move)

Gan Gan/Crazy Finish - Big Burn Attack
File:Down.gif File:Downback.gif File:Back.gif File:Upback.gif File:Up.gif File:Down.gif + File:Snkb.gif
(Description of move)