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Template:CharacterInfoboxBlack Hawk (ブラック・ホーク, Burakku Hōku) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


Black Hawk is a Native American whose father was killed during the Revolutionary War. Seeking revenge, he consults the shaman of his tribe who tells him to head east to fulfill his destiny.


A warrior who is very protective of his people and home. He seems to only want to punish his father's murderer for trespassing rather than take his life in vengeance.

Fighting Style

Black Hawk is a balanced technique character who can use various body vaults and short-ranged axe attacks to damage his enemies. He can enter the Hawk Position - a low crouching stance which keeps his body close to the ground to avoid most of his opponent's attacks. From this stance, he is able to move by crawling and can launch surprise attacks. His axe strikes can be done with both axes simultaneously for strong attacks or one at a time to extend combos. His kicks, though slow and short-ranged, are versatile and can be used to counter most of his enemies' assaults. His drawbacks stem from his slow recovery speed from his leaps and his difficult to master moveset.

Game Appearances


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