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Template:CharacterInfoboxArmor Ralf (アーマーラルフ, Āmā Rarufu) is an alternate version of Ralf Jones, who was first introduced in KOF: Maximum Impact 2. Armor Ralf was taken out from KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A due to him overpowering the rest of the game's cast. He is voiced by Atsushi Maezuka.


Armor Ralf is an alternate version of Ralf. He uses his armor power in fights.


Armor Ralf seems to be brasher than the normal Ralf.


  • Above average strength - Ralf is incredibly strong.
  • Fast Punching - Ralf can punch in high speeds.
  • Exploding Punches - Ralf can create explosions with his fists.
  • Armor - Armor Ralf can take any attacks without suffering pain.

Fighting Style

Armor Ralf's fighting style is pretty much like the normal Ralf's. He cannot block, but possesses much higher defense. Armor Ralf also cannot be "thrown" by any means, giving him a somewhat unfair advantage over the rest of the cast. His attacks can only be stopped by either a stronger attack, a well-timed Sabaki, or a high-hit combo.

Game Appearances

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