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Anny Hamilton, originally named Annie Hamilton (アニー・ハミルトン) is one of the characters from Power Instinct Matrimelee in the Power Instinct series. In 1994, she ranked #17 in Gamest Mook's top 30 best female game characters.


Anny received an invitation for the Matrimelee tournament in which the prize for the winner was to get engaged with the daughter or the son of the King of Certain Country. Although she initially didn't have any interest in getting involved, she later found that Keith was allowed to participate. The flame of jealousy burned inside of her and she entered as well to stop Keith from winning.


Anny is bossy, stubborn, and overbearing due to her spoiled upbringing but is a kind person at heart, and is a lover of animals and children. She is infatuated with Keith and often tries to get him to notice her. She also has a penchant for fashion.


  • Energy Control - Using her ki, Anny can use it to enhance her attacks or throw it in a form of a projectile.
  • Dimensional Control - Anny can throw people through the time/space continuum before they land back in reality.


  • Ai Ni Ikiru - Power Instinct
  • Hajimete no Ai - Power Instinct 2
  • A Little Happiness - Matrimelee

Game Appearances

  • Power Instinct
  • Power Instinct 2
  • Power Instinct Legends
  • Power Instinct Matrimelee
  • Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou no Kaihou
  • Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou

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