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Aero Fighters(Sonic Wings)3 Manual

Written by Chris Kwon

I started to make this Faq on November 19th.
Table of Contents
1.  What's Aero Fighters 3(Sonic Wings)
2.  Items
3.  Legend
4.  Basics
5.  The Ships and Pilots
    5.1 Keaton
    5.2 Blazers
    5.3 Hien
    5.4 Maomao
    5.5 Chaika & Pooshka
    5.6 Spanky
    5.7 Malcorm
    5.8 Kowful & River
    5.9 Alex & Pictus
    5.10 Ellen & Cindy
6.  Bosses
7.  Secrets
8.  Endings
9.  Author Information

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Part 1: What's Aero Fighter 3(Sonic Wings)?
  Aero Fighters 3 is a shooting game, and it was known as Sonic Wings 3
in America and Europe. It is a little harder than the other game, at least
I think so. There are 10 ships in this games. Well, the rest of it will be
explained, so keep on reading.
Part 2: Items
 Projectile with P                        It develops your weapon to next 
                                          level(If it's already at the last
                                          level, 2000 points)
 Projectile with F                        It develops your weapon to the 
                                          last level(If it's already at the last
                                          level, 10000 points)
 Projectile with B                        It increases number of your bomb.
 Dollar(An the other money symbol)        200, 2000, 4000, 10000points     
Part 3: Legend

   UL  U  UR       Up-Left        Up           Up-Right
     \ | /
  L -- N -- R      Left           Neutral      Right
     / | \
   DL  D  DR       Down-Left      Down         Down-Right

Button Setup:

A  B  C  D

Part 4: Basics
  The only buttons used are A and B.

  Just use the joystick or D-Pad to move up, left, down, or right

Normal Fire:
  Just push A

  Just push B(Enemy never attacks when you're firing a bomb)

Bomb fire:
  If you have a "transforming bomb"-Keaton and Hien, then you can
  "bomb fire" by pressing A while you are transformed.

Charge shot:
  Just two of the pilots-Spanky and Malcorm-can do this. Hold A button
  pressed, then release. It does not power-up with items, but with the
  time you held A button(longer you hold it, more powerful it is).
Part 5: The Ships

             5.1 Keaton
Ship Name          F4u-corsair
Pilot Name         Keaton
Normal Fire        Thin line shot
Lv 2 fire          Wider line shot 
Lv 3 fire          Wider line shot with missile
Lv 4 fire          Widest line shot with missile
Bomb               Robot transform
Number of bomb at  2
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   5
Home country       America

His lv 1 shot is Machine gun. It shoots 6 thin lines. Lv 2 one shoots 8 lines.
Lv 3 one shoots 10 lines and launches 2 missiles. Lv 4 one shoots 12 lines and
launches 4 missiles. His bomb is robot transform. He turns into the giant him-
self and attacks with his drill and iron fist. You can use "bomb fire" while
you're using this. If you use it, Keaton shoots laser from his eye behind him.
But his bomb fire is useless..
              5.2 Blazers
Ship Name          P61 Black Widow
Pilot Name         Blazers
Normal Fire        Machine gun
Lv 2 fire          Wider shot
Lv 3 fire          Wider shot with diagonal plus homing
Lv 4 fire          Widest shot with diagonal plus homing
Bomb               I.C.B.M bomber
Number of bomb at  3
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   7
Home country       America

They're trio, but doesn't make any difference than sigle... Their Lv 1 and 2
shot is simple. But at the next level, it has a diagonal shooting and 4 line
shot which is homing, but not good enough. This homing shot detects enemies or
breakable buildings or destroyable bullets. But when there're many, many ene-
mies, it's not cool.. Blazers' bomb is I.C.B.M bomber, which they turn themsel-
ves to a big bomber, and shoots five huge missiles. It's powerful, but attacks
limited range...
        5.3: Hien(it means flying like a swallow)
Ship Name          Zero Fighter
Pilot Name         Hien
Normal Fire        Shuriken shot
Lv 2 fire          Shaky shuriken shot
Lv 3 fire          Big shuriken shot with 2 small planes
Lv 4 fire          Needle shot with 4 small planes
Bomb               Phoenix transform
Number of bomb at  2
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   5
Home country       Japan

Obviously he's a ninja, but also doesn't make any difference.. Shuriken
is a ninja's most common weapon, which has four edges on four sides and
can shoot. You'll know the shape of it from bullet of Hien's normal fire
(Also Hatdori Hanzo and almost all of ninja characters in game use it).
If it goes at 3 level, it becomes to have 2 small planes which goes out 
from Hien's plane and return and so on.. They're unbreakble, so don't 
worry. Hien's bomb is Phoenix transform, and as it has the word "trans-
form" in it, for sure Hien can bomb fire. His bomb fire is Phoenix fire,
which shoots huge fireball. Of course, it's powerful.

        5.4: Mao Mao
Ship Name          Seiram M6A1
Pilot Name         Mao Mao
Normal Fire        Wing shot
Lv 2 fire          Wider shot with homing laser
Lv 3 fire          Widest shot with 4 homing laser
Lv 4 fire          None
Bomb               Time Stop Spheres
Number of bomb at  3
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   5
Home country       Japan

It seems she's a police or something. Normal fire doesn't have any
special point. So find a powerup item quickly. Lv 2, 3 one have 2
or 4 homing laser, and it's more useful than Blazers'. Her bomb is
not powerful, but very useful, maybe. It stops enemy from moving,
which means they becomes to be unable to attack Mao Mao. Of course,
you can move while they're not moving. Very useful to the enemies
who moves a lot(like stage 8 or 9's boss). Oh, and if you're at level
4 for firing weapon, and you don't stop to fire it, It goes down to
Lv 3(God!).
        5.5: Chaika & Pooshka
Ship Name          IL2 Stormovik
Pilot Name         Chaika & Pooshka
Normal Fire        Thin and Thick lines shot
Lv 2 fire          Diagonal with sculpture bombs
Lv 3 fire          Powerful diagonal with castle bombs
Lv 4 fire          None
Bomb               Russian Dolls Explosion
Number of bomb at  3
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   7
Home country       Russia

They're Russian and twins, obviously. Normal fire is really normal. But
if you just have one powerup item, it becomes to have diagonal shot, which
can possibly attack the enemies in front of you. Instead, it fires some
weird-looking sculture to enemies. Lv 3 fires 4 castle-shaped bomb at each 
time. Their bomb is not very useful because it does not attack forward, but
like "anywhere"(You'll know it when you see it). It goes down to Lv 3 when
you attack with Lv 4 fire for a long time. And for your advice, they're
weak. Don't use them when you want to fight with powerful plane.
        5.6: Spanky
Ship Name          Polikarpov I-16
Pilot Name         Spanky
Normal Fire        Dart shot(Splash missile)
Lv 2 fire          Wider shot(Splash missile)
Lv 3 fire          Wider shot with 2 mini-splash(Splash missile)
Lv 4 fire          Widest shot with 4 mini-splash(Splash missile)
Bomb               Hydro Shot
Number of bomb at  3
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   6
Home country       Russia

Now a dolphin flies the plane, too. gee.. He could "charge shot" and it's
splash missile, which fires water-shaped missile. If you hold A button till
the flashing of Spanky's wing's length became the longest it could get, 
Spanky will fire three missiles. Final level of main weapon fires 4 tiny 
water missiles, but it's not powerful so don't think it's very helpful. His
bomb is hydro shot, which fires a huge mass of water. It doesn't have a wide
range, but it'll be worth a try.
        5.7: Malcorm
Ship Name          DQ335 Pfeil
Pilot Name         Malcorm
Normal Fire        Machine gun with darts(Arrow shot)
Lv 2 fire          Wider shot(Arrow shot) 
Lv 3 fire          Wider with 4 homing missiles(Arrow shot)
Lv 4 fire          Widest with 6 homing missiles(Arrow shot)
Bomb               Shining cockpit
Number of bomb at  2
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   4
Home country       Germany

He has the least capacity of bomb. But it won't be a problem because 
you'll use a bomb before the capacity of bombs gets full. He's Lv 1
and Lv 2 fire is simple, and Lv 3 and Lv 4 has homing missiles. But
not powerful enough. His bomb is not firing-type. It just releases some
sky-blue colored huge mass of laser for a while. It's not powerful as
much as you think, but you can move around with that bomb. You can fire
while you're "bombing". But it's not a bomb fire, it's just main weapon.
His charge attack(Arrow shot)fires lots of triangle. You'll see the crossed
circle(forgot what it called..)when you hold A button. Shorter the range is,
Longer Malcorm attacks.
        5.8: Kowful & River
Ship Name          Ju-87 Stuka
Pilot Name         Kowful & River
Normal Fire        Thin line shot
Lv 2 fire          Wider line shot 
Lv 3 fire          Wider line shot with flasher
Lv 4 fire          Widest line shot with missiles
Bomb               Backflip bomb
Number of bomb at  3
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   7
Home country       Germany

Guess they're viking or something... Their main weapons are not very special.
In summary, they have "medium efficiency". Their bomb's range is quite big.
And not firing type. Oh, and although their Lv 4 fire includes some missiles,
it's not powerful, so don't barg it to the enemy and die..
        5.9: Alex & Pictus
Ship Name          Whirlwind
Pilot Name         Alex & Pictus
Normal Fire        Machine gun
Lv 2 fire          Double machine gun
Lv 3 fire          Wider shot with bombs
Lv 4 fire          Widest shot with 4 bombs
Bomb               War destroyer
Number of bomb at  2
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   6
Home country       England

As always, Lv 1, 2 fire doesn't have any special point. And Lv 3 and 4 fire
have 2 or 4 bombs. After they're launched, they move to forward with their
shaky course, and if there are some enemies on their course, they explode.
but they're not powerful. His(or shall we say "they")bomb is war destroyer,
which calls lots of bomber planes and attack "anywhere"(just like Chaika & 
        5.10: Ellen & Cindy
Ship Name          Swordfish
Pilot Name         Ellen & Cindy
Normal Fire        Thin line shot with bomb
Lv 2 fire          Wider line shot 
Lv 3 fire          Wider line shot with missile
Lv 4 fire          Widest line shot with missile
Bomb               Backflip triple missiles
Number of bomb at  2
the beginning
Capacity of bomb   7
Home country       England

Just like Alex's Lv 3 fire, they have 2 or 4 bombs coming out of the plane
whenever they use "normal fire". You'll think that they're pretty weak when
you see the Lv 1 fire. DO NOT judge them from their Lv 1 fire. When their
weapon go to the next level, it shoots 6 dart shot! But still, they're girls..
How can they be powerful?(C'mon, I'm not a sexist, but..)Their bomb shoots
three huge missiles. The missiles don't go to the end line of stages, they
explode on their way. And you know what that means.. Short range!(Don't worry,
not as Malcorm)
Part 6: Bosses
*You may think that 9~16 stage is same as 1~8 stage, but it
 isn't. There are a few differences between them. But if you wanna just see
 a ending, you don't have to go to 9th stage. Just clear 8th stage and finish
 it~ Oh, and stage route is random(you could go to stage 3a or 3b)

Stage 1: 
  You'll see White House(What the heck is that doing in Japan?). If you haven't
  completely power-up, crash a left and right part of White House, and the 
  middle part. If you're at last level of weapon, just attack middle part.
  After you destroy the White House, you'll see lots of money. If you want to
  make a high score, eat all of them. Then you'll the huge tank coming from
  some square-dancing gate. Of course, that's a boss of this stage. 
  This one is very easy. If the tank starts move, fly to the cockpit of it and
  attack. That way you won't get hurt(Tank won't be able to attack you). If
  the cockpit is destroyed, back off. There'll be a small high-technologied
  (I guess--;)dome. First attack, it'll shoot a huge bullet, drawing the line.
  Just stay in front of it and attack. DO NOT MOVE. In front of it, I said.
  Next it'll spread tiny and small bullets. You can avoid it by just moving
  left or right slightly. Next one is power-up version of second attack. It
  spread big bullets. The way to avoid it is same. Next it shoots bullets to-
  ward us(3, 4, 3 bullets). Move right-left-right. Then it repeats the attacks.
  If you get tired of all this. Use a bomb for 2~3 times. It'll blow off. Now
  there is a plane that was controlling the tank. It doesn't attack. So don't
  worry and shoot. It runs away and finally stage 1 is cleared.

Stage 2a:
   It's a giant battleship for a boss. First destroy the part that helicopters
   are coming from. You'll see five of them. Then use the bomb!! Target is
   part that seems to be controlling room.

Stage 2b:
   This stage's boss is a huge tank(not the tank from stage 1). Its main part 
   shoots big bullet to forward, so watch out. Also it has a bunch of side part. 
   I won't say all the part to you, and They shoots bullet to 3 way front. Just 
   attack the main part. And remeber this. NEVER STAY IN ONE PLACE.

Stage 3a:
  Bonus stage. Destroy the tank to get some money. If you don't care about your
  score, then just sit back. Remember that it takes two firing from your plane
  to destroy the tank.

Stage 3b:
  Bonus stage. Whenever you hit that plane, it spills some power-up item. If you
  don't care about the score, just eat 4 power-up item and back off. Remember,
  When you touch that plane with YOUR PLANE, you lost one life.

Stage 4a:
  The boss is a huge rocket, and it has five parts. Until you meet fourth part, you won't 
  have a problem. Except samll parts floating in the air that shoots a small bullet. They 
  don't have much energe, so if you're disturbed by them, whack'em! I recommend destroy 
  them. If you meet with fourth part, just use bombs all you have. 2~3 bombs will be enough.
  and fifth shoots so many missile, but unless you're beginner, you'll be able to avoid 
  all of them. Stay sharp! Fifth one doesn't just shoot missile, but launches many, many   
  bullets. Oh, and there's an easy way to destroy   the fifth part. If you destroyed the fourth 
  part, go as fast as you can to the fifth part(you'll have to be on it)and just fire. Don't use a 
  bomb. Then you'll get hit, but mysteriously, the fifth part will blow up, too. It's Kamikaze
  action, so don't use it if you have just one life or so.

Stage 5a:
   First part is easy. Just move fast, or you'll get hit by a big bullet. After you shoot
   him for a while, it turns purple and reveal his third eye, which fires laser beam to you.
   So don't stay in front of his eye. The safest place front of side leg. Of course,
   it's not completely safe, so stay sharp.

Stage 5b:  
  The boss is, as you suspected, a giant battleship. It has a suprise too. Two blue ship that 
  are appearing from the end of the stage are reeeeeally annoying. But, what can we do? At 
  the final part, there are two little turret behind a huge turret. And it's unbreakable, so don't
  risk your life.

Stage 6a:
  Again the bonus stage. If you wanted power-up item so badly, you'll like this
  one. There are bunch of blue tank going around and it gives you power-up item
  when you destroy it. You can just sit back when you're at the last level unless
  you care about 2000 point items.  

Stage 6b:
   It looks just same as stage 3b, but it is not. This time, the plane shoots bombs to
   you. And if you destroy the bomb, there'll be a power-up item. If the bomb goes to
   the end of the stage, it becomes 3-way huge bullet, so be careful.
Stage 6c:
   This time a bunch of asteroids are coming for you. You have to shoot them more
   even after they've broken apart. You get a power-up item on this stage. This is the
   hardest bonus stage, so keep up a good work!
Stage 7a:
   You meet a huge plane first. Just stay on the middle of plane. If the bullets are coming
   after you, use a bomb, but you better spare it. Because it's not the real boss of this 
   stage. After you trashed that huge plane, you'll meet some floating box which will change
   to a robot right a way. Stay in the middle of the stage, and back off, until that robot
   will attack from the left or right(not diagonally!). It will be easy to destroy it. After
   it takes a lot of attack, it changes its form to huge robot wich has two pipes(?)on its
   shoulder, shooting a huge laser. Just stay in the middle of the stage, and back off.
   After it shoots lasers, it will die away.

Stage 7b:
   First you meet some Buddha and four faces floating. Four faces will be flying to you,
   so watch out. It's easy to destroy. Boss keeps on changing its form. It's random, but
   normally, it changes form to some old fighter plane first, then huge fish(Fish that 
   appeared in Aero Fighters 2's last stage). If it's fish, DON't worry about it. If it's plane.
   Watch OUT! It moves and attacks very fast! Sometimes it changes form to the tower,
   which suicides(....funny)right away. If it happens, you're really lucky.

Stage 8a:
  Finally the last stage, this is not a boss, but if you destroy second asteroid coming to
  you at the beginning of the stage, you get "F" item. First you meet with a garganteous
  eye. It has five parts coming out of it, and some monkeys appears. You should destroy
  all the monkey! Five parts of the eye is easy to destroy, so destroy all of them. Don't
  stand in front of the eye, because sometimes it shoots a laser beam. Real boss is some
  UFO. which moves so fast. Mao Mao's bomb is useful in this situation. If you're not
  Mao Mao, use the bomb after UFO's disappeared. If you attacked UFO quite enough
  It won't disappear anymore, it keeps on moving and shoots small bullet to you. This
  time, you need a bomb. Don't spare it! It's the last boss!

Stage 8b:
  You'll meet up with monkey's plane that has a face. If the face has this angry expression,
  you better watch out. If not, attack it!!! This one is quite hard. Boss is some submarine.
  It's all easy except last part. It moves very fast and shoot a laser from the eye. Don't spare
  the bomb, use all of them!

Stage 9:
  Think nothing is different from Stage 1? Nah~ You'll see Tokyo tower robot(It's not Effeil 
  tower!)fall into the lake(funny~~ In Aero Fighters 2, it fell from the building!). Boss is
  small tank, but it's different. It moves extremely fast!!! and it shoots big bullet. Watch out.
  It'll the hardest of all boss.

Stage 10a, b: 
  Quite same with stage 2a, b.

Stage 11a : 
   Bonus stage. Looks like Stage 3a, but this time, it goes backward. You'll hardly eat any of

-Rest of the stages are just same with Stage 3b~8b..

Part 7:  Secrets
 Haven't found any yet. Don't think there's any.
Part 8:  Endings
 Well, not really an ending, that it appears after stage 8, not stage 17. But, oh well,
 let's just say that's an ending, shall we?
1. Keaton
-After he destroyed all the aliens, he receives a word from a doctor that he found a way
 to turn Keaton to a human. After the operation, Keaton says the human body is better,
 and found out that he has a drill on his...uh..personal area.

2. Blazers
-They were searching their master's daughter, which some strange military had kidnapped.
 So after they destroyed aliens, they ask one of the soldiers where's master's daughter.
 But they found out that they destroyed a wrong military "by mistake".

3. Hien
-I don't understand this.. Hien says to his master."Master, our duty is done. But is it just
 to destroy perfet one's own?" Then Master says"Weakness, that is WEAKNESS!, at least
 it's not two wrong!"Then Hien says "What!?" What's going on anyway..

4. Maomao
-Maomao goes to Hien's headquarter. The lord asks Maomao, "Will you be my bride?"
 But the answer was simple "NO". Maomao says "I'm sorry", and that's the end. 

5. Chaika & Pooshka
-They were making money for their father's medicine. After they had destroyed aliens,
 they go to the city hall to get the award and money. But the mayor says that somebody
 already took it. Now they found a new way making money, to be singers. They go to a
 famous singer and hear that they have to work(cleaning..)to be singers.

6. Spanky
-I don't know his(or its..)story. Anyway, after he destroyed aliens, he wonders how the 
 aliens taste(how weird dolphine he is...). He took a bite of one of Marsian, and fires
 to the aliens because it tastes awful.

7. Malcorm
-After he finished his work, he comes to the land to land(wow... tongue twister..), think-
 ing that he will enjoy the vacation with award money. Then his plane rolls and rolls.. 
 After the accident, Malcorm had to spend all the money for hospitalization.

8. Kowful & River
-Kowful(older man) uncover his mask, which has a program that you could play an imaginary 
 game. Then he says to River that he could add some somersault in this game. Then River
 do his Giant Swing to Kowful, asking him that if it's somersault...

9. Alex & Pictus
-After they destroyed all the aliens, Alex's plane falls. Alex and Pictus suceeds escaping,
 but his dad was behind him... In fact, it was Alex's dad's plane that Alex crashed...

10. Ellen & Cindy 
-Finally there comes a time of wedding of Ellen. Cindy wondered who would be Ellen's hus-
  band, so she asks Ellen. And she finds out that it was Keaton..

11. Staffrole
-Don't need to say. Boring! It appears after you pass 16th stage. Well, there will be SD 
  characters to enjoy you a little. So.. if you want to see it, Why not?
Part 9: Author Information
Name:    Chris Kwon(It's actually Woo-Chan Kwon, but you can call me Chris)from Korea.