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Term describing cartridges for the Neo Geo home system (also known as home carts). Stands for Advanced Entertainment System. The term originally described the system itself: the English language logo for the Neo Geo had “Advanced Entertainment System” stamped between the Neo and Geo -fulfilling the Japanese love for adding superlatives to their product descriptions. The term has now become a popular short hand for describing a Home Cartridge (i.e. “I traded my Robo Army CD for his Metal Slug 3 AES.”). AES carts are not compatible with the arcade (MVS) system (except by conversion). Alternatively described as "NGH" games, or simply "home carts."

Games released before 1995 came in a noticeably softer case without any sort of "lock". Some games also came in cardboard boxes (Sengoku for example).

Typical post 1995 japanese AES case.