161-in-1 Multicart - Series 1

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161-in1 Multicart for Neo Geo MVS

List of issues with 161-in-1 Multicart

   -(MV-1T) Softdips are corrupt, causing buggy games. This is likely to be the case with all older (larger) 1-slot boards.
   -(MV-4F) If you have a memory card inserted, you cannot return to the main menu via holding 5-sec. 1P START.
   -Difficulty levels are non-standardized by default, meaning sometimes level 4, sometimes higher. 
    This can be changed in the softdips.
   -Using this cart may overwrite all previous high scores and softdips.
 Specific Game Issues
   Aero Fighters 3
   -Some enemy bullets get stuck on screen. Some missing enemies.
   Garou: MotW
   -Cart contains the prototype ROM, not the official release.
   Magical Drop 3
   -Some sound glitches.
   Neo Mr. Do 
   Blue's Journey
   -Sometimes audio is missing until exiting to menu, starting another game, quitting and returning to original game.
   -Sometimes all audio missing, sometimes only attract/demo sounds.