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Ponta Akari in The Last Blade.

"Akari" Ichijou (Template:Furigana あかTemplate:Furigana, Ichijō Akari), who is also known as "Ponta" Akari (ポンTemplate:Furigana あかり), is a character who is exclusive to the PlayStation port of The Last Blade.

This form is also voiced by Mayuko Omimura.


This version of Akari is actually a tanuki in disguise. For the sake of causing mischief, he parades around in this form and wrecks havoc. He is eventually found by the real Akari, who chases him around in frustration.


  • Shape-shifting - Ponta Akari can change his shape at whim.
  • Mimicry - Ponta Akari can mimic nearly all of Akari's gestures

Fighting Style

Ponta Akari plays in the same manner as the real Akari. The main difference between them are the changes made to Akari's sprite, which is visible during his winposes and certain moves.

Game Appearances

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The Last Blade

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