written by Lord Wolfgang Krauser

US Title: Real Bout Fatal 
Fury Special
Japanese Title: Real Bout Fatal 
Fury Special
Year: 1996
Size: 394 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes
Graphics: 9.0 Line Up: 10
Gameplay: 9.75

Gameplay, 9.75 i admire RBS for its rock solid gameplay and all around enjoyability this game can still compete with the best of them, even today arcade games cant measure up to my favorite neo title, Real Bout Special rocks.

Character line up- 10! ok before you say that was to easily given a 10, remember i loved this game and still do he is my CHAR opinion old favorite make a new appearance such as tung cheng lawrence blood and the almighty WOLFGANG KRAUSER! (coolest character ever i might add) that is just a few new ones among the regular line-up

Graphics/Backgrounds- 9.0 great character animations and the backgrounds are phenomenal every stage is very intricate in detail and is beautiful i just love the opera singer that walks by in KRAUSER'S stage.

Sound- great sound and character voices the emotion of each background is captured nicely even more is the neo-cd version which is slow as all hell but has phenomenal music

Balance- characters have a well balanced use each one was worked over so they would not have a advantage over each other even bigger sprites are the same in disguise

Over all- I love this game and have for a long time if you've never played it, its always the same story neo games rock like no other SO GET REAL BOUT SPECIAL KRAUSER IS WAITING!!!!!


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