Visteon Dockable System


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Oct 4, 2011
Anyone ever use one of these? How is it? While I like the flex of weird consoles, I ask this because I have a very specific use case where this thing could actually really benefit me if it's a good system and playing GBA on it is a good experience.

-I have a large GB/GBA collection
-id like to be able to play games on a bigger screen/one of my nice CRTs when I'm home.
- I don't have a GC/GBP right now. If I did get one, I'd opt for the component cables and Hori pad both of which help make that entire setup very expensive.
-I travel to hotels a lot
-I collect rare/out of print/anime in general on DVD. It would be nice to be able to catch up on that when traveling.

The Visteon as I'm aware can connect via SVideo to a CRT, It's as portable as a laptop, and it plays DVDs. These are all things that seem to answer my search.

However, that controller looks AIDS af to use and I hate that it's literally the only option. Is it really as bad as it looks?

Secondly, how is the SVideo out quality and the quality of GBA on the internal screen in general?

Mad thanks to anyone with insight on these things!


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Dec 12, 2003
I get the attraction of niche hardware. I used to be an addict honestly. I too have a massive GB/GBA collection. I gotta say, the Retron SQ is a good option for playing games on the road on TV, etc. It's not perfect but it's fairly robust, good GBA support. Actually has a good controller. It's compact.

But if that's too gross for you. There are some excellent consolization kits for GBA now as well.

As for watching those rare DVDs, dump em on your computer and set up a Plex server.

But again, these are modern solutions and not nearly as tactile or fun.


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Dec 11, 2008
I remember seeing those, never did get one. i think one time I saw an auction for one, went way higher than i imagined. maybe 15 years ago this was