teenage ninja turtles with jailbars on background


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Apr 28, 2010
Hi guys.

I need some help on this. Got a tmnt pcb (gx963 wide version) for repair with good gameplay, right sound but jailbars on backgrounds. Here goes a video that explain better the thing:

I found the rom on k27 without signal on pins 22 to 28, so I swapped it with a 27c4096 with the right code on it, no luck.

Repaired a trace, no luck.

Some pins on the graphic chip 51962 were without signal, so I swapped it and again no luck.

Checked the rams and found pin 20 on g28 was stuck low so I thought it was about to be finished... no luck. That pin seems not connected to anything on any pcb side.

Any ideas?


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Oct 15, 2007
Did you verify the pulled rom to make sure it was bad? The error is definitely in the tilemap area 052109/051962 K27/H27.

Also the 27c4096 is the wrong chip for a mask rom replacement, you'll need something like AM27c400 or HN27c4000.

I have a TMNT parts board that still has the mask roms. I can pull the rom and verify or you can take the whole thing if you want.
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Aug 4, 2010
Hi Pasky,

What the fuck is this? Advertising? At least link to a thread that would be of some use to him.

I know personally distropia, and the link is to remember him our Spanish Arcade Asociation forum dedicated to arcade board reparation/restauration help.

Un saludo
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