[SOLD] Neo Geo AES US console + Unibios

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May 26, 2002

Selling my spare Neo Geo home console to fund some other vintage game stuff.

This is a low serial, American machine, number 017869.

As it is one of the early consoles manufactured, it comes with an additional daughter board inside, which outputs an improved AV signal (removed from later consoles in order to reduce manufacturing costs). As a result it's a pleasingly weighty machine, much heavier than the 30k+ serials.

The RGB signal is bright and clear - especially beautiful when viewed on a Sony PVM or equivalent high-quality CRT monitor.

The system comes with a special, adapted SCART cable that includes a headphone jack cable (which plugs in the front of the system) to allow for stereo sound.

It comes with the original working SNK power supply (you will need a stepdown converter to use this in the UK, or alternatively, a cheap modern switching aftermarket PSU) and the original-style fight stick. This is fully working, and I replaced the cracked ball with a new Sanwa part.

This console has light markings on the top, and a small piece of plastic missing from the rear, next to the SCART input socket. This could potentially be replaced via a 3D printer, or by swapping in another AES top shell (e.g. from a spares or repairs machine).

The system has the Unibios chip installed, allowing the 'region' of the system to be changed in games, to undo censored material e.g. blood effects, that were removed from Western versions of the games, as well as a bunch of other things.

System will be carefully packaged and sent tracked and fully insured. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Would prefer a UK sale, but will ship abroad too.

Postage at cost, and Paypal gift, or add the fees.

£380 £350 ovno.
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Feb 10, 2018
New to neo-geo but I'd be interested in using it as a spare one as well, especially one with a uni-bios. I'm in the US. For some reason I can't PM anyone (yet?).