NEO-AES3-6 VRAM issues

Dec 17, 2023
Hello everyone!
I'm hoping you guys can help me finally get my AES console working.
I've imported that console from Japan in 'probably working fine' condition, just the console without PSU/controller...
Just FYI this is my first Neo Geo console. I'm not very knowledgeable regarding the hardware.
The only cartridge I have right now is a Multigame 161 in 1 v3
After I had received a PSU and TV lead I soon realised non of the games on the Multicart worked without glitches.
I'm mostly interested in Shmups. With those scrolling games the most obvious glitch is the background graphics constantly jumping back and forth a few pixels on the scrolling axis. The Neo Geo Logo animation also does this weird jumping thing. There are also sometimes small parts of the graphics missing in game intros. Just as an example: ASO II title screen with a glitchy area at the bottom of the screen as this is something I can show on a still image.
Without the cartridge inserted I get a yellow screen.
So I searched for clues on the WWW and ordered and replaced the two CXK5814. That didn't change anything.
The diagnostic bios always gives this error
The board is actually in good condition. I couldn't find any visible damage (except the one I did when desoldering the bios chip :cautious:)
Hopefully someone here can help.:help:


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Apr 9, 2009
That diag error is saying there is something wrong with the upper 2k vram chip or one of the traces to it.

I would check continuity between F8-F15 pins on the LSPC2-A2 and the data pins on the upper 2k vram chip. The error is specifically pointing to an issue with F10. If continuity looks good on them all, then that vram chip maybe bad.