Guide: Adding a volume pot to Windy and other non amplified cabs


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Nov 13, 2011
I picked up a pink Windy recently and was a little dissapointed that mine was an early model that didn't have the volume pot. I got some picks from someone on Arcade Otaku and with the manual I was able to recreate it.

This same installation can be used for other old cabs that didn't have a volume pot at all like some older SNK cabs. The main part you need is a L-Pad potentiometer. These are 8ohm and keep a consistent load on an amps output. I got mine off of ebay for about $13. Here's some more info on how it works and why you need one instead of a regular potentiometer

Wiring diagram for Windy cabs. I bought amp plugs and connectors from digikey. The part numbers are in the AO wiki section

close up pic of my L-Pad circuit and Amp plugs. I attached the plate to the odd bracket that is on top of the Windy like they intended to install one there and didn't.

A single gang L-Pad already in my Irem Madonna cab. The difference between this and the one in my Windy is the Windy also came with a Stereo harness for Konami boards and other boards with amplified stereo outputs (4 pin JST header)

I personally don't like cutting into the harness and wanted to make it look clean but this could easily just be cut into the middle of the audio harness if you need to. The -pole goes on the right post, +input on the left and +output on the middle post.
I hope this helps someone here. I know it's a major pain not having an easy way to turn the volume down in a cab when you have it in your house and the least amount of contact with a PCB while it's on the better.


Lazy SNK Employee
Feb 22, 2013
This is pretty awesome, thanks so much for posting the information. I was annoyed having to adjust the volume on the PCBs directly and wondered why some came with the volume pot while others didn't.


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Jan 2, 2010
Great job! and thanks for the information. I am thinking to add a volume pot on my panel.