Getting Out: Console Edition (Nintendo Stuff Added 9/14)


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Mar 8, 2006
Going to be using this thread to sell off the remainder of my console games and systems. I will be slowly adding things so check back. Prices don't include shipping and payment is via PayPal Friends and Family only (for tax purposes).

For Sale

with Twilight Installed

This is a Japanese DSi LL. The system itself is in good safe. It have a few dings on the outside but the inside is in amazing condition. Includes charger. This system has had Twilight Installed on it so it can run homebrew as well as GBA and DS roms off the SDcard. System will come with a 32gb SD installed. $70 Moved off site

Japanese GameCube System with Games

System is in good shape. Maybe a ting of yellowing on the gray and has a small chip missing from it as well. Comes complete with controller and cables. Is missing the port covers but does come with a Memory Card 251. System also includes the selection of games seen below. Games are complete unless noted. They were mostly purchased from YAJ so their condition varies from game to game. Shikigami was the last used title I picked up from a memeber here and it's in really nice shape. Loosing a ton of money on this but I just want the space back.

Biohazard 4
PN 03
Shikigami no Shiro II
Soul Calibur II
Mario Sluggers
1080 Silverstorm
Beach Spikers
Biohazard Zero
Mario Golf (No Manual)
Mario Tennis (No Manual)
$170 moved off site


Various 8Bitdo Console Controllers

You'll get two NES, two SNES/SFC and two Genesis/MD. All controllers are the 2.4ghz models so they don't have the Bluetooth delay and they all come with their matching receiver. $80 SOLD

Parts Virtual Boy
This system does work but it needs the lens ribbon cables reflown. Comes with a working AC adapter, working controller, loose copy of Mario Tennis, new 3rd party eye shield and stand. $100 SOLD

AV Famicom

System works great. Comes with AV cable (not pictured), ac adapter and Famicom dog bone pads. $80 SOLD

Original Famicom with AV Mod

I purchased this system off Mercari premodded. The video quality on this mod is meh, but it's passable. System is yellowed. Comes with a handful of Famicom carts. $70 SOLD

Moved Off-Site

PSOne system with Games
PS2 Import Lot
PS3 Import Lot


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