Pari-Dakar Rally Driver
Jul 3, 2012
Hi All,

New to the forums and originally posted this in the wrong place, I'm sure that there is going to be some shit from that....

Anyhow, it looks like all the Texas meeting threads have long died off or "evolved" as threads nearly 8 years old do......

I notice a couple Austin area tags and it seems like some of you have dealings with Game Over! That's great, I'm a regular at the Round Rock location!

I'm looking to possibly get a Neo Club going in the Austin area. I'm thinking of maybe setting up a monthly meeting to get drunk (or whatever floats your boat....it is Austin after all) and play/talk about Neo-Geo cab ownership, games, trade, etc. I also home-brew, so if you are a beer enthusiast AND a Neo-Geo enthusiast AND live close to Austin, this may be the perfect excuse for you to get away from school, work, or the wife/husband and kids!!! Just say you're going to the "gym", it works every time. I live way out in BFE (Rockdale...Ugh..), but work in Austin. I'm the proud owner of a 4 slot MVS ver. 3 with a rather modest 35 game library but am looking to expand and trade technical expertise, etc. with some others. The internet can only go so far from my experience. Personal interaction is a must (for me at least). I'm old-school and still think internet friends are essentially make-believe.

If a group already exists in Austin and I don't know about it, then I would love to become part of it! Just let me know where to send my resume .

So, check in if you are interested in starting a group, letting a new guy in to an existing group, or if you just want to bust my balls!

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