Brown box label vs cart label


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Dec 1, 2021
If the cart has a hologram label and the serial numbers match, will the brown box label also be holographic? Also I'm looking into grabbing a copy of nightmare in the dark. One of them has THE M1 ROM(MASKROM) WAS CHANGED WITH A WORKING EPROM. What do people think about that? Singapore chip instead of the toshiba.


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Sep 24, 2013

Spend some time here to get to know how MVS cart boards look. Notice that this site does NOT have every single board revision. Not to mention it's not going to be having repairs. NitD isn't showing as one of the games that used EPROM's from the factory (at least in the scan it has). But if the rest of the board matches that is probably just a cart that had a faulty M1 and was repaired.

Nothing wrong with a repaired cart. But spend time on that site to see what to look for on authentic boards as well as what to look for on bootleg carts. Remember, just because it has an/some EPROMs on the boards it doesn't mean it's a bootleg. It could be a repair, or even a factory manufactured cart like that.

Oh, and I don't recall kit boxes having holo labels. The matching label will be plain w/matching serials (if it even has serials, not all games did). But to be honest SNK was far from consistent so...


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Aug 7, 2002
I can't think of a single box label that was holo. I think that for US/EU releases the labels were otherwise identical though. Maybe an interesting exception somewhere?

NitD is one I should have bought at launch but never did.