Big Bruno @ Houston ARCADE EXPO Nov 12th - 14th, 2021

Big Bruno

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Aug 18, 2000
Yeah I know who cares :)

link for show Houston Arcade Expo

But anyway provided Covaid does not kill another convention thought I would put out an announcement.

Nov 12th-14th I will be a guest at the Houston Arcade expo (official announcement will be made sometime)

I was going to do the following
  • A panel discussion and show for beta's mentioned in THIS thread.
  • An area setup where I will have various neo systems and cabs for play (at least 10)
  • A Small museum of some of my collectables for show (papers, oddities and the like)
  • I will also have for sale various extra neo related items I own (collectables, Papers, some games etc.)
This is mainly a big arcade party, drinking is allowed inside providing you are of age and crowd leans to the older side, lots of pinball and arcade gaming. My friend runs the show. In talking, I said , i can setup a Neo area for him so that's how it went. should be a fun time. I been putting together all my papers, flyers, cards and such in books and pulling out extra's of what i have doubles of for sale, things like flyers, mvs art packs, cards, Cospa shirts, mugs, extra game copy (MVS, LR editions and others), etc . Also thinking about what smaller items to bring for show. Cab wise I plan (providing i can get them presentable) on bring several big reds, my neo 50, my SS2 dedicated, maybe a hyper and my various home systems as well as possible some ports on other systems. the panel i will do live demo of the games and am hoping to get access to the sound difference i found in mutation nation so i can play that as well as show ninja combat

any Sales will be cash, just do not have time to deal with cards and paypal given how easy it is to charge back unless you are someone I personally know then i will probably trust you :)

Also I am not against selling anything I own (even rare stuff and others) but know that i am still in the i do not really need the money phase so it would have to be a offer on the high side if you really wanted something (do not expect deals) , however i can bring anything to the show for inspection just know that i do not plan on bringing my entire collection and most the rare stuff I keep away from my house so i would need to know a head of time.

If you do come please do bring you extra cards though i am still in need of several and will be happy to do a 2 for 1 trade on anything i do not have from my extra's


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Feb 19, 2016
Hi! I’ve been to the expo for the past 3 times, but mostly for the swap meet. If I get time to go inside, I’ll try to come find you and your cabs. Maybe check out your MVS carts for sale, too.


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Aug 7, 2002
Not sure if I will make it but I just filled out a form with some questions. If I manage to show up - will likely be looking to demonstrate/ sell:
MVSX - Arcade Stick PRO - Neogeo Mini - Unico FunR1 - Unico IPS Arcade Monitor(s)

If that doesn't work out, maybe I can just show up to check out your stuff and meet up.

- Chris