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    New Neo Collector

    Name is Matthew, I have been actively collecting video games for about 5 years and have a collection of about 1500 games for various systems. My primary collection is Xbox and NES stuff and just kinda dabble everywhere else. I have the same user tag on nintendoage (where I am most active) and...
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    Coin Reciever Mechs MVS

    Looking for some advise. My 4 slot MVS is missing the coin mechs, everything seems to be there other than the mech itself. Does anyone have any recommendations on where/which ones I should replace these with? I asked about the ones they have for sale, but they could not...
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    New to Neo collecting

    Hey all! Name is Matthew, and I go by xtremegamer also on DP and NA. Just recently picked up my first bit of true neo geo stuff, bought a MVS 4 slot with 8 games. Everything seems to be in pretty good shape. I have always been a fan of SNK games and loved the KOF 02/03 double pack, Metal...