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    Happy Birthday ratson

    Yo, I ain't logged in for a while but Happy Belated homie. Hope you had a super chilled out day :-J Y'all know the slogan!
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    Happy Birthday Razoola

    HBD Raz, hope you are safe and well during these turbulent times. y'all know the slogan!
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    Happy 4th!

    Happy 4th of July people, don't start no dumb shit.
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Er Whut, thanks Holmes. You're still entertaining the masses in 2020 Starks in...
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    RIP Jedah Doma

    My condolences to his family :(
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Thanks peoples. Duuude it's hot af over here, so you're almost spot-on Lachlan! Starks in...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Teh drama never stops. what's up ya'll? Hope everybody is safe and well. Starks in...
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    Duuuuude, thanks but I'm good on those two games, already have them. Shroom, you out the game now?
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    Whew! It's been a while :eye: I am looking for some Jpn MVS carts loose not interested in kits. Hit me up. Thanks Starks out..
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    Hi everyone

    Neo Geo still ain't cheap dude ;) Welcome though and stick around. You might just end up like me who leaves and comes back because I just love teh drama :snack: Starks Out...
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    SOLD: UN Squadron CPS1 PCB

    One of my favourite games.
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    So why do we still pay so much for AES games, again?

    Simply put, just go with the MVS route, homecarts are a waste of time and money. Starks out.
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    Wizard Tilting Lible: The Last Odyssey for Last Odysseys

    Thank you Tonk for making this shit happen ;)