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    Fair price for an AES

    I wouldn’t buy the TO multi cart, their lack of customer support is legendary.
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    Are you an SNK fan or a neogeo fan?

    Defiantly a Neo Geo fan, Not really enjoyed anything past 2000 although I have tried...! More specifically 93 - 2000, not really a fan of pre 93, Samurai shodown was my intro to Neo Geo followed by Art of fighting 2 and KOF94.
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    kerns tings

    Except that digital tastes nicer than vinyl, after saying that I will always keep my Discharge vinyl, I bought Why the day it came out. Wow what an EP that is. o_O Lovely collection Kernow, my AES collection has always been Japanese only although mine has slimmed down to about 10 favourites.
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    Neo Geo AES Serial Number Prices

    Waste of money!
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    WTB: PGM mobo

    Sheep Nova is the man and ask for the newest revision with battery holder.
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    CRT flickering

    Or a dry joint, most of my CRT chassis fixes have been reflowing solder joints on the pcb, look for any grey joints or any that have a crack or gap around the component where it comes through the pcb.
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    Can you help me fix the AES I just broke?

    Piggybacking is painless if you have the room, it’s the method I use. Good luck with your repairs.
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect releases on eXa Arcadia

    You could and I think EXA even supply a dongle to allow you to use USB joysticks.
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    Candy Cab MAME/Mister Build Help/Tips

    Impress was my 1st Candy too, lovely cab. Save your money and just get 3rd strike, it goes so well with the Impress, like peas and carrots.
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    One game, just one.

    Sam Sho 2 for me, still haven’t learnt the doll moves.
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    Taito Stools

    Yes they should change the description it’s confusing, I just bought a couple of Taito stools and a bench.
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    Which cab is better/preferred?

    Play one first, I had dreams of owning one, got one played it a few times and realised my Aero city was so much nicer to play.
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    Taito Stools

    They are vinyl, would be lovely if they were leather.
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    AES Flickering, no BIOS detected

    Pl Plumbing flux has acid in to eat through the dirt and needs cleaning immediately after soldering, if you haven’t already give that board a clean to remove any old flux.
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    Super Neo 29 Type 2 Frame Issues

    Looks to me like it had a big whack on the back in transit, I used to own one of these cabs and the steel is pretty thin on these panels.