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    WTB: OG Xbox component cables & controllers

    I have an original xbox HD component brick and the cables.
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    Neo-29 - Hitachi GMK-29FS2 Monitor Cap List

    There are - They are here: Hitachi Flyback Neo 29 Capcom Impress
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    Where to source Japanese arcade parts?

    Digikey and arcadepartsandrepair for the CRT connectors and some other oddball ones.
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    Rittenhouse Trial

    Everyone has the right to protect themselves and by extension, their property. There is no constitutional right to rioting and arson. In this case, the right to self defense superceded the lives of people engaging in a violent and destructive protest as they actively engaged with the subject -...
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    Rittenhouse Trial

    Self defense wins. Pretty clear cut case unless you are mentally handicapped/live the narrative.
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    Techno soft Doc

    Cool find. Thanks for sharing.
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    Found: Dreamcast Shielded EU SCART Cable

    I have a Toro I'll sell you for cheap. I never used the thing and I have an extra cable for it as well. I am not a fan of how the cable attaches. Do me a favor and get it out of my closet.
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    FS: Svideo Modded Genesis Bundle w/ Mega ED V1 *Sold*

    Insanely fair deal. Good seller.
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    SOLD: RGB Modded SNES Jr.

    Solid deal in my book
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    WTS: GCW Zero , N64 Bundle

    Missing F Zero X.
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    FS: XRGB-2 Plus

    Waiting for everyone to start dumping their Framemeisters on ebay. Need a decent 24khz capable box and decent PS2 deinterlacing.
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    FS: XRGB-2 *Not Plus*

    The regular 2 has a switch for resistor activation if you use arcade pcbs to tone down the video gain. The plus does not. The regular 2 also has better comparability with off spec sources (again, arcade pcbs) but it does crop some oddball video sizes down, so you might lose a bit on the top and...
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    27" CRT Samsung (Take it off my hands)

    Nice tube. One of the better ones for a flat.