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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    I've been on a handheld shmup journey for a little while now: Millipede / Centipede was the most recent addition, been hooked on it ever since, kind of stopped playing everything else in the meantime. 1942 was another recent one that came in a lot and turned out to be a pretty high quality...
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    FS: GB, GBC, GBA, Xbox, SFC

    Least none of them were mean, you meanie
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    FS: GB, GBC, GBA, Xbox, SFC

    Unless noted, prices do not include shipping. Will ship anywhere. If you're buying some smaller items I ask that you buy a couple to make shipping worthwhile. Thanks! Please notice linked pics - can provide extra pics for anything if you like. Xbox Lot - $28 shipped in NA (PIC): Ninja Gaiden...
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    Crappy Ebay/Craigslist/YAJ/Sites/ETC Sellers

    He's also on ebay under the name arcadetower.
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    FS/FO/FT 3DO console ,Xeno Gamecubes , Chipped PSOnes

    Because he said he only ships within the USA.
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    WTB: PCE Arcade Card & 6 Button Pad

    There are definitely a few. Hori also made a 6 button stick, I've heard its pretty good:
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    I got out the old Xbox (original) today

    Wreckless was a really good game. Simple fun driving game with some of the best graphics on the console and an awesome replay system. After beating the game I still played for months just trying to make ridiculous replays. Deathrow was another forgotten gem. Violent futuristic team sport with...
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    The hardest NES game when you were a kid?

    Journey to Silius - so much unavoidable shit. Terminator 2 - though I haven't played it since I was a kid, I remember never getting past the transport truck stage. Always died almost instantly. Castlevania was hard but doable, beat it a few times when I was young but it took a lot of practice.
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    *SHIPPING COMPLETE* Choices for next group buy!

    Nice! I'd be down for a Progear and a Darius Gaiden for sure!
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    *SHIPPING COMPLETE* Choices for next group buy!

    Awesome selection! So will the group buy be for both CPS2 and F3 or is it still being decided?
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    My next PCB group buy?

    You may be confusing Darius Gaiden with G Darius which was a PCB.
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    My next PCB group buy?

    Haha, yeah the last one I saw listed on Mak was over $300. Though I've seen it a few times on YAJ for around 260-270. I'd happily pay 300 or so for it. But yeah cheaper carts would be nice too :).
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    My next PCB group buy?

    +1 for F3 carts, I'd throw money at that. Especially would love to have a Darius Gaiden cart.
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Been playing Gate of Thunder and Thunderforce 4 - getting close to a 1cc on both. Two of my favorite soundtracks for sure.
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    FS: PCE Duo-r, Supergrafx, Wild Guns SNES

    Payment via Paypal gift or Paypal + %4 only please. Don't hesitate to ask any questions! PCE Duo-r: I've had this guy for about 10 years now, never had an issue. Comes with box and styrofoam inserts, original power adapter, controller, and a complete official RF cable. The system box has wear...