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    Tahiti F3 sound

    No vol pot on the mobo is correct. The pots that look like volume pots aren't and they usually have a sticker over them. Is your jamma harness straight to the speaker? Or are you using something like a blast city that attenuates and re-amplifies the audio? Test mode is the only way I know to...
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    CPS2 Infinikey install help

    Assuming there is an avalaunch set I have a pile of NOS eproms perfect for CPS2 program roms. If you want to go that route just let me know and I'll hook it up. Or a suicide tester rom, whatever you need. Edit; I posted in parallel with DaisyAge. Definitely check that out.
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    Pana Twin Supergun - Video outputting via S-Video but not RGB

    If you're getting a pic messing with sync out, try a 75 ohm bnc terminator on the rgb and sync outputs.
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    Happy Birthday radiantsvgun

    Happy Birthday!
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    I miss this thread. Recently got an XRGB2+ from Razo, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm using a dell rebranded sony trinitron 20" monitor, the pictures don't do it justice but you can tell the quality is pretty good. Honestly, it's a better picture than some older PVMs I've had...
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    27" CRT Samsung (Take it off my hands)

    I'd consider scooping but I think I would have to have a negative covid test to enter the state, because Michigan number are out of control. I hope someone grabs this, they are super nice if you transcode RGB / SCART to component.
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    It can be dangerous to be black and a legal gun owner in America

    The police won't stop shooting people until several examples are made of them. Convictions need to happen, or we have made no progress since Rodney King. The cops who unjustly use force, resulting in injury or death, deserve to be held accountable including prison time. I can't believe I even...
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    Couple Who Made MAS Sticks/Superguns Has Passed Away

    That is awful :( My MAS is probably my most prized arcade stick. When I was younger I was working in New Orleans after huricane Katrina. I saved up my money to buy a completely custom MAS, wired for Gamecube, Dreamcast, and Playstation. I even had it shipped to my hotel, so I could use it for...
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    FS: X-RGB-2 Plus and some games

    PM incoming for xrgb2 plus
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    SOTM April 2021: Einhänder

    I'll try to get in some RFJ. That one I own :) I don't have a real copy of Einhander... My [modded] PS1s all have dying lasers and I'm lucky when they play real discs, so a burn is out of the question. My PS2s are freemcboot and playing PS1 backups on there is a PITA. So I'm probably out for...
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    I agree in Principe your funds should be available immediately. I settle for weekly payout and its not an inconvenience for me thankfully.
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    You're not being charged paypal fees, my understanding is they are just taking item fees up front now instead of the end of the month. This has been reflected in my monthly invoice. I get paid weekly, it's not like Amazon.
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    At first I was really frustrated with the change, but then they added the option to pay for shipping labels from your pending payouts. That was my only gripe, I shouldn't have to front shipping out of pocket. Anyway it works Ok now... I don't pay paypal fees but I only get paid every Tues (I...
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    What 1 Game NEEDS a Port?

    Planet Harriers
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    April SOTM Vote

    Raiden Fighters Jet for me too. I've got the 360 version.