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    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    Directional firing the way you describe would work well with the Neo-Geo CD controllers. Maybe they can be convinced to patch it in as an option at the same time that they're patching the stereo music bug.
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    Star Trek Lower Decks: Anyone watching?

    I'm still struggling along with it, although I stopped for a few weeks after the episode where Boimler and Mariner RSVP'd to a fancy Starfleet party, didn't know where it was (even though they had Bradward's invitation), outran the police and trashed an outdoor mall with zero consequences, and...
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    Nanao MS9 Schematics?

    Installing an isolation transformer for the monitor should help with the interference noise. Like this: That’ll stop the monitor’s power circuit from picking up ground noise from...
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    X68000 Help

    Glad you fixed it! (y)
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    X68000 Help

    It's easier to attach it outside the computer through the external SCSI port on the back. The SCSI cable provides both power and data, so you don't have to worry about powering the SCSI2SD seperately. This model...
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    X68000 Help

    Yes, this is the setup I use with my X68000. You flash an image to a MicroSD card, and then the computer sees it as a hard drive. You boot off the drive and run all of the games from there-it’s fast, convenient, and best of all you won’t need to use floppies for anything after the initial...
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    SOTM October 2021 Vote: Konami Da!

    Ironically, I have an OG disc for Gradius Gaiden, would have to play Sal 2 under emulation through the Saturn Salamander collection, and don't have any way of accessing Gradius Rebirth. :D
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    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Leaderboards updated! We're down to the last push now - plenty of room for more competition in the 5 Minute and Normal runs!!
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    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    2 Minute Game ShootTheCore- 436,000 - JPN SuperGrafx 5 Minute Game ShootTheCore- 1,067,900 - JPN SuperGrafx Normal Game ShootTheCore- 1,145,900 - JPN SuperGrafx
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    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Leaderboards updated!
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    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Leaderboards updated! :D
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    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Soldier Blade by Hudson Soft for the PC Engine & TurboGrafx-16 is our Shmup of the Month for September. Let's track scores for the Normal, 2 Minute Time Attack and 5 Minute Time Attack. Normal Mode...
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    SOTM September Vote: Caravan!

    For September, let's do a caravan shmup! A caravan shmup is focused on a "score attack" design and a full game is often limited to 2 or 5 minutes. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II Platform: Arcade Developer: NMK Hoizontal shmup with 10 levels, divided into an Easy, Medium, and Hard path...
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    SOTM August 2021: ESP Ra.De.

    ShootTheCore - 3,614,820 - Irori - Stage 3 - PS4
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    R.I.P. Keystone Ice 1994-2021

    How did they lose money selling canned water? :LOL: