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    Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you didn't drag your ass to work today!:cool: still many years of SNK & SLB ahead!
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    Is Photography an "Art"?

    im sure you could get great images out of this. a few of the guys i enjoy Paulo Nozolino Jacob Riis Daido Moriyama
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    Windjammers announced for PS4

    Windjammers coming to PS4 and VITA. Online versus included not sure who's publishing it. Windjammers on a Playstation presentation? i would never see it coming.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Already owned the Japanese release but couldn't resist the temptation
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    SNK PLAYMORE changes its name to SNK

    SNK PLAYMORE no more, SNK is back. Company rebranding goes back to SNK. The king lives.
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    Gundam Model Kit Thread

    yes. got my first model last year as birthday present and now im addict to it. its impossible not to, everybody likes model kits here and there are a lot of stores selling gundam kits. i own a few kits. mostly master grade stuff. Sazabi ver ka was my last build. I paint some of them, specially...
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    My Neo Geo AES in a movie... by Prof Denim...

    Hey, I was invited to be the cinematographer on a movie called Macau Stories 3, wich is the sequel to this one here We shot it last november, its in editing stage now and will premiere in Macau,Hong Kong and Taiwan next October (a time for Halloween...
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    It seems there´s no thread for this game. Any of you playing it atm? It completely caught me by surprise. It has to be my favorite game this year so far. Amazing level design,sound,controls,pacing and filled with TONS of content. No season pass bullshit year. lots of stuff to unlock and play...
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    This is what i would call an action figure. A gift from our fellow Atro.
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    Hi guys, would like to share with you..... A few months ago i shot with a friend a small video for the Macau 48hrs Video Rush. For those that don´t know what this kind of contest is...basically you have 48hrs to produce a video under a theme that you get to know on the first day. So the theme...
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    Hi everyone, I'm letting go of my King of Fighters 2003 AES (JAP) cart. Bought it NEW in a videogame store last year. Played no more than 5 times. I'm accepting offers, PM me if you are really interested. I can also provide better pictures if requested. Ship worldwide. Thanks Denim
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    ok, this is my favorite Slug and one of my most played Neo games.Also the only Slug i can 1cc on normal settings... anyway i have a question for years...:cool: how do i catch this fruit/food on the second mission? [/IMG] is it even possible?
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    Happy B day to a truly NEO GEO FREAK :) and good friend! hope you have a nice day.
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    Takashi Nishiyama 1UP interview. i think you guys should have a look at this interview. Street Fighter/Fatal Fury creator. Didn't know that Nishiyama was actually behind Dimps. Fantastic interview.