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    Mega Man The Wily Wars North American Physical Release Available For Pre-Order!!

    Wow, that's more than I would expect them to bother doing. Nice!
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    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    Those cheat sheets are nice!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    We made it!
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    Little Nightmares II - maybe the best game I've played in years

    I hit a really nasty bug that forced me to replay almost all of chapter 2 which kind of soured my experience. The infrequent combat scenes sucks. The gameplay has a lot of trial-and-error. It's a bit more polished than the first game, but still has the same fundamental flaws. Still worth...
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    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    They also posted a 2 hour 40 minute interview on youtube. There are probably some more insight into the situation in there, but I ain't watching a video that long. What the fuck is up with WaterMelon.
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    I caved and ordered one. I have a pink Color that I got back in the day off eBay sealed for $35.
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    How do the B&W games fare with the IPS screen?
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    JVS at home - a series - part 1 : I/O

    I can't justify the price, but I went on a deep dive into exA-Arcadia because of the Gimmick! remake and the one thing I didn't understand was getting input working for a non-arcade setup. Your video answered that question for me in a satisfying way.
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    Your go to CPS2 & ST-V games

    It's coming to Switch in February as part of the Capcom Arcade Stadium release. Better there than a fugly Capcom stick!
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    Ninja action platformer Cyber Shadow

    Blew through the whole game yesterday with 100% item completion. Took about 6.5 hours. The game is fantastic. It's challenging, but not frustrating. If you want all the items, you need to do some backtracking using abilities acquired later in the game. The levels are fairly long, so getting...
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    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    Slight improvement to Australia: Pretty Amy | -15 | Australia | German | MVS | 2 Credits
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Taking a long break, I came back and got the 1CC in arcade Gradius after 2 nights of playing! This video helped me up my game: I legit didn't know about the score trick with the volcano in stage 1. I basically would play fully powered up and might die on stage 3 and definitely would take...