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    Palette RAM Bank 0 error

    what it worth, I suspected the Neo-G0, but it's not. I will try to check the LS273 but I don't think it will be that.
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    Palette RAM Bank 0 error

    Hi, I have some trouble on a MV2-01 slot (I think mainly from a bad trace, because it came gradually and flex the board could solve the issue before) when I perform the Palette RAM test the result is Adress 400020 actual 0002 ("indirect" D1 stuck high) expected 0000 I'm sure the problem does...
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    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    It was useless to change the YM3016. You can have a Z80 successful test even without YM2610. Is it a MV2F slot or MV2-01 ? You problem can come from a defective SM1 Rom, RAM BR6116 (quite rare), NEO-D0, PRO-B0 for 1st gen slot (quite rare I think) or NEO-C1 if 2 slot from 2nd gen. The NEO-257...
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    Troubleshooting a MV-1FZ with the infamous "Z80 ERROR"

    apparently the D0 seems out of suspicion, as the Z80 et SM1 was removed for my initial test, I could check and compare it to the schematic of the wiki. I discussed with Furrtek and if SDW doesn't output from NEO-C1, it's more related as you wrote, to the Z80 side which is damaged.
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    HELP / Garou Mark of the Wolves and Last Blade 2 GLITCH !!!

    maybe palette RAM ou Fast Video RAM related to this link (1st version on AES, not sure yours is the same)
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    Troubleshooting a MV-1FZ with the infamous "Z80 ERROR"

    SM1 changed same result. NEO-C1 suspected, picked from an unknown working state board.
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    mvs repair guide

    if you're stucked in crosshatch, look at the signal SYSTEMB, pin 54 of the NEO, it should probably connected to AS04(6) and the input of the AS04(5) come from NEO-IO(19) and is also connected to a 74HC259. Check continuity. Green screen is related to Quartz 32.768 KHz, NEO-F0 and a NEC 4990 chip.
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    Random freezing, sound loss on MVS4 slot

    probably some rotten traces or bad soldering joint. the 2 player left is the pin 78 of the PRO-B0 chip (if your slot is an old 4 slot version) otherwise if it's a MV4F slot it's the NEO-C1 But...
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    Neo Geo Repair Tips

    Great channel that I discovered yesterday. I have a MV2-01 which have some troubles that might be related to the LO ROM (Or LSPC) Traces between chips are good. what desoldering station and hot air gun do you...
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    Troubleshooting a MV-1FZ with the infamous "Z80 ERROR"

    I bump this thread, I have a similar issue, no sound with unibios and eroor with OEM BIOS on MV2F Z80 changed no difference. Then I found that "start P1" didn't worked to make appear the test menu (but the Start button was OK on NEO-C1 pin). So I changed the Neo-C1 as it manage also the SDdata...
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    TO talking about the audio buzz fix here
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    Bringing back a MV4F to life: No sound Slots 3&4

    Hi, I have a similar issue, sound on 3 & 4 but with scratchy noises, sound is fine with the eye catcher (and in slot 1 & 2). Why do you works on NEO-253 for ? the 4 on the bottom right are mux for videos, the top right is for Z80 bus multiplexing. the Neo-G0 at B1 position is 68K data bus for...
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    Sound problem with MV-4F

    Post rised from the grave, I have a MV4F with scratching sounds muxed to normal ones, but only on slot 3 and 4. On the top board, 2 NEO-G0 located in @E1 for (slot 3 & 4) and @C1 for (slot 1 & 2) are used to mux SDPAD[0..7] and SDRAD[0..7] to CN9 connector (C4 to C19 on top board). I don't...
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    RGB boards PC engine

    No, it's on a DLP 720p projector on 3m20 16:9 base screen, so in reality around 2m40 in 4:3 board customer on SGX