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    3ds Flash cards for Ds Games

    In the beginning I was trying to get a freaky forms card. But after I read that the R4i plus was more readily available, I went with the latter option.
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    SOCAL shmupmeet/fighting games

    I would love to participate in a meetup.
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Dec 2017 run CLOSED

    I am also wring for a memory card.
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards - SOLD OUT!!!

    How long have you been in the hunt to get one?
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Dec 2017 run CLOSED

    I am looking forward to buying a memory card.
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    FS: Omega Neo Geo CMVS Machine Console

    How much could this cost?
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    SF3: Third Strike Online Edition

    Which third strike version is a good one?
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    which gaming monitor do you use?

    The search for an ideal monitor seems endless. Ossc or framemeistera?
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    Wii U - Questions: Gamepad range, storage solutions, other

    The pal Wii seems to be very good with crts. You can get the rgb cable and go from there. I understand that the virtual console on Wii U are not so good.
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    Sonic Mania....

    I also don’t understand why one would want to run it thought a downgraded again. That’s what the RGB bob did. And this rig will cost you again hundreds of dollars. Hdmi to downgrader to pvm
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    New 2DSXL - help me not hate this thing

    Do you think the different types of displays would make a difference?
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    New 3ds early adopters thread

    Congratulations on your 3ds. Unfortunately there are different displays for the 3ds. It’s basically a lottery.
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    Let's have some Vita recommendations........

    Congratulations on the vita. Which one did you get the lcd or oled?
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    Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)

    To me in purchasing the 3ds is it’s all about the screens. It’s a lottery is what I understand it to Be.