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    Fairly Cheap Alternative to JROK and Neobitz

    Don't you hate it when pictures are broken. Damn
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    c-c-c-combo breaker - President Trump!

    Why was my thread moved to this stupid War Room Trumpster Fire section, did it somehow upset a already upset mod who is left leaning? This should have been left where it was made. Don't be mad at Trump cause he did a C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! Your candidate was weak corrupt and it's a miracle...
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    c-c-c-combo breaker - President Trump!

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    WWII Online Battleground Europe - Offers Free To Play

    WWII Online Battleground Europe Hello everyone, I wanted to let you guys know a game I play WWII Online is currently offering Free To Play. Beginning in 2001 WWII Online is a video game where you are immersed into a WW2 simulated environment, you can be infantry, tank, airplane or battleship in...
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    Got this e-mail from neo geo, Warning!!! Nazi pedophile ring on gaming forums

    I am getting sick and tired of getting SPAM from this prick because he hacked this site got everyones email. is a domain he either owns or controls. Report his spam here and hopefully he loses that domain. is a pretty nice domain to have and if he loses it he should...
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    Argentina Beats Brazil 4-3 in Friendly, NJ USA

    I bet you will take Brazil over Argentina any day of the week like most people do. :) I bet you have a Brazil jersey or a yellow or green shirt that says BRAZIL on the front :)
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    Argentina Beats Brazil 4-3 in Friendly, NJ USA

    Argentina and Brazil don't have friendlies, every match we play against each other is expected to be a heated match. Neymar is talented and I am not blind by my nationality but Neymar is NO Messi and whoever says that is kidding themselves like Pele. Lets wait until he goes to Europe and is...
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    Argentina Beats Brazil 4-3 in Friendly, NJ USA

    I had to post a thread for my south american friends. Argentina beat Brazil 4-3 with HAT TRICK Yes you heard that right HAT TRICK by MESSI. No Neymar didn't make even one goal for those of you who love to brag about Neymar. No one can't speak badly about Messi for yesterdays performance. He...
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    Copa Libertadores 2012 - Who do you think will win?

    or actually in this case Juan Roman Riquelme :) Neymar is overrated I can't wait to see what he does in Europe probably more than Pele did. hahaha
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    Copa Libertadores 2012 - Who do you think will win?

    Now we know who will be in the Semi-Finals, who do you think will win the Copa Libertadores and go on to play Chelsea in the World Cup of Clubs Final? Boca Juniors (Argentina) Corinthians (Brazil) Santos (Brazil) Universidad de Chile (Chile) I obviously chose Boca Juniors since thats my club.
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    Who is your favorite player?

    Never knew you thought Maradona was greater than Pele, well said Wasabi lol. I would have said Maradona was my favorite but that's too common for an Argentine so I picked Palermo.
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    Who is your favorite player?

    Martin Palermo - Top Goal Scorer for Boca Juniors
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    Diablo 3

    Anyone using the Barbarian? I have a lvl 49 one and am curious to see what skill set someone close to me has. About to finish Inferno and go into hell and I'm already pretty bored with the game. I suppose I need to create another character and use a different class. Over a decade to make this...
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    PhotoFast CR-5400 Memory Adapter for sale

    Bump. One sold to lions3, I still have more available if anyone is interested. The item is very hard to find at the moment and sold out in most places.