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    SuperGun design

    I'm gathering info and ideas about SuperGuns. Feel free to post your best designs or pictures from other systems / consoled MVS slots ideas / feelings about the one you own I'm thinking about getting my MVS slot something more practical than my old PC power supply... Thanks ;) :eye:
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    [FS] MVS : Pochi & Nyaa - - - (MS3 aes » sold)

    For some reason, I can't edit my first post so here are the news : MVS NIGHTMARE IN THE DARK SOLD ($260)
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    WTB:Sengoku 3,Mutation Nation, Metal Slugs, Nam1975,Atomiswave,Pochi&Nyaa and more!

    FYI : BUT : I have some trouble with my PayPal account for the moment so if you are not in a rush (I mean it can take months to get fixed)...
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    WTB : MVS » Matrimelee / Magician Lord

    up of the month...
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    WTB : MVS » Matrimelee / Magician Lord

    up »» Still looking for MATRIMELEE (might be ok with a boot :rolleyes:)
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    WTB : MVS » Matrimelee / Magician Lord

    up »» Priority to MATRIMELEE I found the SENGOKU 3
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    (SOLD but corona fucks us) WTS: Gunlord

    I had the same issue with a package coming from Italy. Posted 1,5 month ago tracked to the "international exchange center of Italy" and then, no news for a month... I called the Canada post and they told me that the tracking infos aren't updated BUT the package arrived in Canada 3 days ago and...
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    FS : MVS SS5 sn : 000141 Box and move list

    Je suis à Québec... cash possible... - 20$ sans l'envoi (d'après ton premier post) ?
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    WTB: Metal Slug 1 Neo Geo AES ORIGINAL JPN

    Don't waste your time SazanOFF. You have a low count profile here (you're new), never posted and have no feedback for transactions... they're just playing with you. Even if you are serious about getting a Slug, this won't happen here : Auctions are not really allowed in this section. Also, I...
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    WTB:Mutation Nation, Metal Slugs, and more.

    something here » » »
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    All my games will belong to you

    I see that... and makes me think nobody goes to the Want To By section :(
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    WTB : MVS » Matrimelee / Magician Lord

    up »»» Priority to SENGOKU 3 please ;)
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    All my games will belong to you

    $165 Blazing Star with Shock $110 Strikers+ with Shock Interested in these two. How much for the Shipping to Canada ? I'm also looking for this (posted on WTB :oh_no:) if RAZO decide to let it go : $175 Sengouku3 with Yaton case- Sold Razo
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    [FS] The rest of my collection... AES/MVS/Soundtracks

    oh no... I was going to ask for your Blazing Star, good condition 200€ on the first sale topic (it was 220 if I'm right ?) :( You don't have other loose game to sell ?
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    [FS] MVS : Pochi & Nyaa - - - (MS3 aes » sold)

    post updated with the price, date, and currency ;)