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    Safari bug or website glitch?

    Since this just started up again, and there has not been any changes with the chat/forum interface other than nuking the banner, I would say Safari bug from the number of occurrences I am seeing. Safari must have changed something in how it detects the 'userid' field. If the user is...
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    Search doesn't work

    Fixed, at least the search backend is running. Someone rebooted the server 3 days ago and that killed the search backend.........
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    Crash zone, unreleased 1996 viccom game featuring snk characters.

    Lets shift the perspective....... At this point in time, how often were SNK characters showing up outside of Neo-Geo produced software (besides direct ports)? 1996 was a rich year for the arcade/MVS side of the house. Another point to look at is how many other Viccom games are there? I am...
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    Neo Bomberman Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is cart sticker and snap lock insert for Neo Bomberman. I have no clue why I have the extra character outside the insert, but it is easy to trim, and I was just too lazy to do it. I made these back in 2000, Never did a manual, but I started work with a story, I believe, will see if I can...
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    Neo-Geo.Com Shirt images from 2011

    @Digmac T Shirt #2, back is complete (I believe) but the front is missing the tagline, which is the same as the tagline layer in TShirt3. I included the original PNG as well. I'm guessing I just exported some of these straight to PNG for the tshirt upload instead of saving them. Will try...
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    Nightmare in the Dark US Homebrew Artwork from 2001

    Never made it far enough to make a manual to pair along with this fabulous artwork, but I developed a story for it, here is what I dug out of the archives..... This is an old story, of ancient times when the belief in witchcraft poisoned the land, and no one was safe from being accused and...
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    Nightmare in the Dark US Homebrew Artwork from 2001

    Insert and sticker by nick_the_fury, downloads attached here are the EPS versions of the insert an cart sticker from his site, and also the original Adobe Illustrator file for the insert.
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    nick_th_fury has passed......

    It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that @nick_th_fury, better known to many in the Neo-Geo community as Trey, has passed away. With the help of @Shawn late last night, I was able to locate an obituary for him...
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    Neo-Geo.Com Shirt images from 2011

    @Digmac Paint Shop Pro files for TShirt #3. These imported into GIMP for me without issue, layers still working, should be good for PhotoShop also. I have found incomplete PaintShopPro saves for T Shirt 1 back, and T Shirt 2 front, a complete back for T Shirt 2, and nothing for T Shirt 1...
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    Neo-Geo.Com Shirt images from 2011

    I made shirts to wear to Otakon in 2011, and have found the images used for them. Picture of the manufactured shirts can be found here - Here is the final artwork I...
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    Metal Slug US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is an art collection for Metal Slug. By 2000, Metal Slug was Jeff Kurtz most requested conversion from MVS based on the rarity of the game, so an art package was created. Jeff made the insert and sticker, and I did the manual. The insert was created for both the soft and snap lock cases...
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    Pop 'N Bounce US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    I have not found the PSD files for this artwork yet, have been looking though. These EPS files were recovered from a CDR made for printing @ Kinko's in June 2000. So far, I think I have only located true PSD files for one not yet posted art set. Otherwise I have EPS conversions for printing...
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    Strikers 1945 Plus US Insert

    Here is the Strikers original PSD. I am not sure if this was scanned or not, I don't have a current Photoshop, so I am looking at the file in GIMP and it looks like a very high res scan. The file date I see is 10/26/2000. Are there others you are interested in from what I have posted...
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    Strikers 1945 Plus US Insert

    Not my work.
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    Diggerman Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Not really fair to call this homebrew artwork when it goes along with a homebrew game. Back then though we were not certain of the origins. Misinformation ruled the day initially for this Boulder Dash like game. Insert by @nick_th_fury and the manual was written by me using his artwork for...