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    What records are you listening to tonight?

    ..."sing for me Helsinki!!"
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    A Talk Between the Creators of Street Fighter and Fatal Fury

    suggestion, should we make a sticky with all these links? it would be great consolidating all this goodness in one spot and incrementally update it!
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    Sony Wega Focus issue

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    Sony Wega Focus issue

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    Happy Birthday Sylvie

    Buon compleanno!
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

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    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy B-Day Rot!
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    Official Eurobeat/Italo Disco thread

    I approve 👍
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    List of Rare Neo Geo hardware/Peripherals/game versions?

    I think this is the most accurate thread about the cocktail MVS, cool version indeed!
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    Ever wanted to play 4-player Kizuna?

    yeah, that's the Ebay one from France, that popped up sightly after we documented schematics here.
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    Ever wanted to play 4-player Kizuna?

    few years ago, the video is still up, some pictures may not... I think I posted in there the links to relevant threads we discussed back then, it shoudl be all we had. edit: in the main thread, things gets interesting from page 3 , that lead to understanding no special MV1B was needed...
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    Moving Is Going To Be Insane.

    I moved my collection with me many times (intercontinental, coast to coast, same city... even same building!) a game changer is using those stackable plastic bins like Commander XXL.